Supported projects of the humanitarian initiative against pandemic “Humanity and Mutual Assistance”

Joint initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation and the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

The aim of “Humanity and Mutual Assistance” is to support a wide variety of community-based mutual assistance initiatives during the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine.

Wave 1

  • Grantee: NGO “Gender Stream”
    Project: We are close to you
    About project: Volunteers sew protective masks for 3,500 police officers in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The funds are directed to materials.
  • Grantee: NGO “House of Mercy Kyiv”
    Project: Medicines, food, masks and sanitizers for the homeless
    About project: Volunteers of the organization buy and give to the homeless of Kyiv the most necessary: food, medicine and disinfectants.
  • Grantee: Institute of medical and social problems of vulnerable groups
    Project: Psychological aid in crisis situations
    About project: Organization has launched a hotline where people affected by the pandemic can receive psychological support. Additionally, everyone can get qualified psychological help online.
  • Grantee: Mutual Aid Community “Home”
    Project: Quarantine without a home
    About project: Two qualified social workers and volunteers of the organization help the homeless in Lviv. They provide them with food, medicine and other essentials, while talking about the risks of coronavirus and the ways to protect themselves.
  • Grantee: NGO “Sprout”
    Project: We are close
    About project: This Vinnytsia based organization provides food and hygiene to 200 adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Grantee: The Society for the Protection of the Rights of Children with Disabilities “Tenderness”
    Project: Families of children with disabilities are together against coronavirus
    About project: Volunteers sew personal protective equipment for single mothers raising children with disabilities, helping them with disinfection of items and purchase of the most necessary. The organization support 60 families in Horishni Plavny.
  • Grantee: NGO “HACKLAB”
    Project: Open source project: oxygen concentrator
    About project: The maker community develop a drawing of an available oxygen concentrator. Once the project is developed, the drawings will be available free of charge to anyone interested in production.
  • Grantee: NGO “Roma of Ukraine” TERNIPE “
    Project: The disease does not know nationality – a decent self-isolation of the Roma settlement
    About project: The project provides food and disinfectants for residents of the Roma temporary settlement in the Lviv region.

Wave 2

  • Grantee: Initiative Center “Toloka”
    Project: Headquarters of operational interaction
    About project: Pokrovsk activists have set up an anti-crisis operational headquarters, which coordinates all activities to counter the pandemic in the city – from coordinating actions and raising funds from entrepreneurs to sewing masks and sharing information about COVID-19.
  • Grantee: Association of Psychologists and Psychoanalysts “INTERACTION”
    Project: Providing psychological assistance online during the quarantine period in Ukraine to vulnerable groups
    About project: Eight professional psychologists provide psychological assistance online to vulnerable groups of Zaporozhye region.
  • Grantee: NGO “Come back alive!”
    Project: Counteraction to the COVID-19 pandemic in the security and defense sector of Ukraine
    About project: As part of the project, experts will create information materials for the military armed forces on protection against coronavirus infection, recommendations for the General Staff of the Armed Forces.
  • Grantee: NGO “ASAP HOTABICH”
    Project: Rescue Service “ASAP RESCUE”
    About project: Volunteers of the organization help villagers and medics in the area of Operation of Joint Forces. The project includes repairing of medical equipment, repairing resuscitation vehicles, purchase of personal protective equipment.
  • Grantee: NGO “Association of responsible citizens”
    Project: Give doctor a ride
    About project: Due to the shutdown of public transport, the volunteers transport doctors of Kryvyi Rih from home to hospitals and back free of charge.
  • Grantee: Resource Center “Future”
    Project: Psychological support for families with special needs
    About project: Psychologists consult with parents, relatives, carers of people with disabilities, then record and publish video interviews with them to talk more about the problems of such people.
  • Grantee: Starobilsk district organization of the trade union of health care workers of Ukraine
    Project: Saving medical workers from cases of occupational diseases
    About project: As a part of the project, volunteers purchased personal protection equipment and disinfectants for hospitals of Starobilskyi district of Luhansk region
  • Grantee: Roma Women’s Foundation “Chirikli”
    Project: Countering the spread of COVID-19 in Roma communities
    About project: The project is to prepare and distribute basic hygiene kits for the most vulnerable residents of Roma settlements in three regions: Chernihiv, Luhansk and Kyiv regions.
  • Grantee: NGO “D.O.M.48.24”
    Project: Help ambulance
    About project: Volunteers of the project have set up a system of interaction with doctors of Ivano-Frankivsk and provide them with personal protection equipment. The project funds were combined with the funds already collected from the city’s entrepreneurs and went to help the ambulance crews.
  • Grantee: Kharkiv Regional Charitable Foundation “Social Assistance Service”
    Project: Providing the basic needs to single low-income elderly people
    About project: Volunteers of the project aimed to provide lonely low-mobility elderly people in Kharkiv, who are the most vulnerable, with food and hygiene kits during the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine.
  • Grantee: NGO “Lviv Law Society”
    Project: Legal protection of human rights against illegal exemptions during quarantine
    About project: As part of the project, there was launched a Volunteer Center for the Protection of Human Rights from Illegal Dismissals. It provides consultations, conducts pre-trial mediation and provides legal assistance. In addition, the organization is conducting an information campaign on workers’ rights through the release of a new TV program on “First Western” TV-channel.
  • Grantee: Sokal District Association of Disabled
    Project: Support and protection against coronavirus
    About project: As part of the project, 5 volunteers with disabilities sew protective masks, which are distributed among elderly people with disabilities.
  • Grantee: NGO “Social initiatives on labor and health protection”
    Project: Help COVID19
    About project: Social workers provide disinfection solutions to social service centers in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. This allows them to continue providing social services.
  • Grantee: NGO “Democratic Development Initiative”
    Project: Stay at home
    About project: Together with the Kyiv City State Administration, activists recorded an audio clip with safety advices, which is currently broadcasting in Kyiv supermarkets. Activists also develop and distribute online and offline information materials: infographics, articles, etc.

Wave 3

  • Grantee: International Charitable Foundation “Galician community”
    Project: “Let’s protect doctors of Ternopil region”
    About project: The organization aims to protect doctors and medical staff in the Ternopil region from infection. They coordinate fundraising, where such donors are entrepreneurs. The money is mainly spent on the necessary personal protective equipment for doctors.
  • Grantee: Maker Hub NGO
    Project: 3D printing of personal protective equipment for doctors
    About project: Volunteer print and assemble protective screens for doctors on private 3D printers. They have increased production capacity from 40 to 120 screens per day thanks to cooperation with our Foundation. All screens are provided free of charge at the hospital.
  • Grantee: NGO of people with disabilities “Family”
    Project: Support for families raising children with severe disabilities in quarantine
    About project: Project staff, professional psychologists and social educators provide assistance to Kyiv families raising children or incapacitated adults with severe disabilities. The organization also coordinates volunteers for other needs of such families: food, legal aid, etc.
  • Grantee: Vinnytsia Regional Organization of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society
    Project: Urgent assistance to victims of domestic violence in a temporary shelter
    About project: Volunteers of the Society work with women and children who have suffered from domestic violence and are in a temporary shelter near Vinnytsia: they provide personal protective equipment, food and consult on coronavirus.
  • Grantee: Gypsy National Society “ROMEN” in Donetsk region
    Project: Together we are the force
    About project: Volunteers of the project help the most needy Roma families with many children living near the demarcation line in the Donetsk region: food, hygiene products, disinfectants, etc.
  • Grantee: Palliative Care Charitable Fund “LaVita”
    Project: Support for palliative care facilities, patients and sedentary staff
    About project: As part of the project, volunteers purchase and send personal protective equipment and disinfectants to palliative and hospice departments of hospitals in 5 regions of Ukraine: Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Kharkiv and the city of Kyiv.
  • Grantee: NGO “Pure hearts movement”
    Project: Help for the homeless
    About project: Volunteers of the project provide food, as well as means of protection and disinfection, to the homeless people of Mykolayiv, who due to quarantine restrictions can no longer receive food at charity dinners of religious institutions.
  • Grantee: NGO “Ukrainian Volunteer Service”
    Project: Volunteer help center during a coronavirus epidemic
    About project: The organization helps people to find the support they need (because of coronavirus problems) in certain foundations and organizations that work to overcome the effects of coronavirus. Requests for necessary aid are collected through a special hotline. Separately, service experts form a database of people, businesses and institutions that can provide assistance.

Wave 4

  • Grantee: Center for Public Initiatives “Eastern Gate”
    Project: Assistance to Mariupol City Hospital of Emergency Medical Care
    About project: Volunteers of the project bring doctors from Mairupol and nearby villages to their places of work in the absence of public transport. The funds are used to purchase protection and disinfection equipment for these drivers.
  • Grantee: NGO “Romano Lachipo of Pidvinohradivske”
    Project: Roma of Pidvinogradiv against coronavirus
    About project: Volunteers of the organization buy the necessary products for the 50 most needy Roma families from Pidvinogradov in Transcarpathia. Volunteers also monitor Roma compliance with quarantine measures.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation “Vostok-SOS”
    Project: Online assistance to residents of frontline areas in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
    About project: The project includes several components: psychological assistance to IDPs whose living conditions have deteriorated again due to the pandemic; monitoring the needs of medical institutions in Luhansk region and supply coordination, as well as the purchase and transfer of disinfectants to hospitals in Luhansk region.
  • Grantee: Transcarpathian Regional Roma Association “Romani Cherhen” (Roma Star)
    Project: Counteracting the spread of coronavirus infection in Roma communities
    About project: The organization provides comprehensive assistance to residents of Roma communities in Transcarpathia: from sewing and providing protective masks to social assistance and health education.
  • Grantee: Support Center for people with mental disorders “Destigma”
    Project: Psychological mobile team
    About project: Volunteers of the organization provide both material and psychological support to people with mental disorders and their families in conditions of long-term isolation in quarantine.
  • Grantee: All Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Convictus Ukraine”
    Project: “Safe Women’s Fortress”
    About project: The organization provides women with children living in a shelter for victims of domestic violence with basic necessities and personal protective equipment for the period when it is not possible to earn money due to quarantine restrictions.
  • Grantee: Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation
    Project: Strengthening protection against coronavirus infection of workers of temporary detention facilities and and persons detained there
    About project: The organization purchases and transfers personal protective equipment for 6 temporary detention facilities of the National Police of Ukraine, which implement the Custody Records system (Dnipro, Kherson, Kropyvnytskyi, Sarny, Kharkiv and Severodonetsk).
  • Grantee: Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Charitable Foundation
    Project: Assistance in purchasing of personal protective equipment for medical chaplains (priests) of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
    About project: The Foundation procures personal protective equipment and disinfectants for 120 medical chaplains working in 152 medical facilities to safely provide spiritual and psychological support to health workers and patients in these hospitals.
  • Grantee: Online platform “Kavun.City”
    Project: Refutation of fakes about coronavirus in Kherson region
    About project: Journalists of the project are looking for and refuting fakes about the coronavirus in the Kherson media. The materials are available online for viewing by residents of other regions.
  • Grantee: Information Resource Center “Legal Space”
    Project: Headquarter on the prevention of the spread of coronavirus in Kherson
    About project: Activists of the organization conduct information work, as well as develop a special portal where all Kherson residents can find initiatives to join in their region, and those who need help – to find philanthropists.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation “Zaporuka”
    Project: Children’s cancer is not quarantined
    About project: Volunteers of the project provide disinfectants and essential medicines for children with cancer at a time when their treatment process is much more complicated because of quarantine restrictions.
  • Grantee: Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union in Zaporizhia region
    Project: Strengthening the protection of the population during the pandemic in Zaporizhia
    About project: The project provides psychological and legal assistance to residents of Zaporizhia region who have faced the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Grantee: NGO “Smart Education”
    Project: Creating a manual with guidelines for distance learning
    About project: Experts of the organization develop methodical recommendations on the organization distance learning in schools of all levels (primary, basic, senior). These recommendations will be approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Grantee: NGO “Association of Rural Development”
    Project: Self-organization of rural women to counteract the coronavirus epidemic
    About project: Women-volunteers of the organization purchased materials at the expense of our Foundation and are engaged in sewing 500 protective medical suits, which will be given free of charge to medical workers of Zhytomyr region.

Wave 5

  • Grantee: NGO “Riy”
    Project: Medical and psychological support of 70 families
    About project: “RIY”: to provide medical and social support to 70 families in need – the initiative will provide food, medicines and seeds to those families in Lviv and the Lviv region. 
  • Grantee: NGO Human rights protection “ZOR”
    Project: Assistance to hospitals and vulnerable national minorities
    About project: ZOR Rights Protection in Pryluky, Chernihgiv region, aiming at mobilizing the local Roma community volunteers that will help the local hospital staff with individual medical protection supplies 
  • Grantee: National scout organization “Plast”
    Project: “You will see”
    About project: The national youth association, Plast (Kyiv branch) : “You will see” project, aimed to bring together Plast members as volunteers and match the 60% of resources already raised by Plast to make protective plastic screens for 3,000 medical workers in Kyiv
  • Grantee: Podillya Regional Development Agency
    Project: Help doctors – save lives
    About project: A team of engineering volunteers who organized a local cluster of 3D printers to produce protective screens and spare parts for equipment to be donated to hospitals in the Vinnytsia region
  • Grantee: Community of the Lviv Business School
    Project: “Crisis Clinic: how medical managers can protect their staff from the pandemic”
    About project: Providing five webinars to over 100 hospital managers on how to best organize their processes. 
  • Grantee: All-Ukrainian Council of Reanimation and Emergency Medical Aid
    Project: “Assessment of Needs for Individual Protective Gear If the COVID-19 Peaks”
    About project: Preparing a complex analysis, relevant regulations to be introduced, and a “needs calculator” to be provided the Ministry of Health and public health institutions
  • Grantee: Psychological Crisis Service
    Project: “Psychological Covid-resilience”
    About project: A series of three trainings for 50 psychologists who provide support to people suffering from Covid-19 and its consequences. The trained 50 psychologists will then provide help to about 10,000 vulnerable people 
  • Grantee: NGO “Free Choice”
    Project: Prevention of PTSD
    About project: Psychological support and rehabilitation for (1) vulnerable people affected by Covid-19, including people suffering from post-traumatic disorders and (2) addressing emotional burnout and stress among psychologists who provide help to vulnerable people affected by the pandemic 
  • Grantee: Charity Foundation “Kharkiv With You” 
    Project: “STOP COVID-19. Kharkiv region”
    About project: Coordination of volunteers within the Assistance Center – from  information and awareness  campaigns to production of basic protective gear to provision of basic necessities to the poorest and vulnerable.
  • Grantee: NGO “Ukraine without Torture”
    Project: Security of the monitoring process
    About project: Providing protective gear to volunteers who monitor the observance of human rights in closed settings to ensure their uninterrupted access to prisons, pre-trial detention facilities, closed care settings under the National Preventive Mechanism 
  • Grantee: NGO “Emaus Center” of the Ukrainian Catholic University
    Project: Preventing the spread of COVID-19 among people with disabilities
    About project: Protective gear and humanitarian aid to the center for assisted living for people with mental disabilities and their caretakers.
  • Grantee: “Right to Protection” charitable foundation
    Project: “Providing shelters for the homeless and people with disabilities”
    About project: Providing basic necessities to three shelters for the homeless people in Kyiv and the region. 
  • Grantee: Romy Lovary Transcarpathian Cultural and Educational Society
    Project: Organization of effective communication in Roma settlements
    About project: Building effective collaboration between Roma activists and local self-governance in the Kholmok amalgamated community to arrange supply of water and other necessities to mitigate the risks of the Covid-19 for the most vulnerable people in Roma settlements.
  • Grantee: NGO “Education and Analysis Center for Community Development”
    Project: “Open Market”
    About project: Facilitating an online marketspace helping local farmers who are now unable to sell their products in the actual market to connect directly to customers and help local resident to order and receive their food supplies. 
  • Grantee: International Foundation “Help Youth”
    Project: Implementation of European COVID-19 waste management protocols
    About project: Collecting, translating and disseminating European protocols on management of Covid-related waste; providing local authorities with easy-to use materials and encouraging responsible waste treatment during the pandemic. 

Wave 6

  • Grantee: NGO “Better Sykhiv”
    Project: “RAZOM2020”
    About project: RAZOM2020 (TOGETHER2020) is a platform launched in Lviv in order to help hospitals, volunteers, businesses and residents of Western Ukraine. The platform collects appeals from those who need help and connect them with those who can provide it.
  • Grantee: NGO “Institute for Regional Press Development”
    Project: “Anti-burnout: prompt psychological support for journalists in crisis”
    About project: The project is designed to prevent journalists, who highlight socially important topics and communicate daily with socially vulnerable groups, from burnout by providing psychological help.
  • Grantee: NGO “Vox Ukraine”
    Project: «Coronavirus anti-fake newspaper»
    About project: The project «Coronavirus anti-fake newspaper» aimed at creating and publishing printed magazine for lonely seniors with science-based information and refutation of fakes about COVID-19. Newspapers will be distributed with food package from charitable foundation “LifeLover”.
  • Grantee: Novomykolayiv village council of Skadovsk district of Kherson region
    Project: «Protection of the Novomykolayiv community from Covid-19»
    About project: By providing medical equipment for hospital (like non-contact thermometers, pulse oximeters and protective suits), project «Protection of the Novomykolayiv community from Covid-19» aimed at protecting medical workers of Novomykolaiivsk district.
  • Grantee: Center for Self-Government Development “Society”
    Project: Ensuring of a special route for medical workers
    About project: Center for Self-Government Development “Society” aims at covering expenses for the work of the private carrier, in order to continue delivering 121 medical workers of the region to the place of work, under the restrictions for suburban transportation.
  • Grantee: NGO “Roma of Ukraine” TERNIPE”
    Project: «Decent self-isolation of Roma temporary settlements»
    About project: The project provides food and disinfectants supply for residents of Roma temporary settlement in Lviv oblast’ who are unable to leave the settlement.
  • Grantee: NGO “Human Rights Movement of Donbass”
    Project: “Help to survive”
    About project: The volunteer homeless protection initiative “Help to survive” is launching a two-part project contains of urgent food kits purchase for the homeless and a large-scale information campaign aimed at finding additional resources to continue food supply. 
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation “Let’s Give Hope”
    Project: “Decent life. Today and until the end”
    About project: The Charitable Foundation is about to help terminally ill children and their families whose income decreased due to the pandemic, with urgent medicine and hygiene products.

Wave 7

  • Grantee: Sheptytsky Hospital Charitable Foundation
    Project: COVчег
    About project: In cooperation with local government, Charity Fund is providing psychotherapists to support doctors of Lviv and prevent them from burnout and depression.
  • Grantee: Scientific and artistic platform “Island”
    Project: “Manufacture of protective shields for medical workers”
    About project: The project funds are directed to print brand new protective shields, as well as recycling plastic from already used shields, developed by creators from University of Construction and Architecture in cooperation with physicians.
  • Grantee: NGO “Renaissance of Ukraine – Transcarpathian region”
    Project: “Support in providing inpatient care to patients with COVID-19 in Transcarpathia”
    About project: The project aims at supplying two oxygen concentrators to Zakarpattya Regional Clinical Hospital named Andriy Novak.
  • Grantee: NGO “Mountain rescue center”
    Project: Quartz-aid to Prykarpattia
    About project: The project aims at supplying 4-5 quartz lamps for the disinfection of hospital premises. Lamps will be delivered to the hospitals in Prykarpattia region.
  • Grantee: Human Rights Society “Brotherhood”
    Project: “Assistance to the Infectious Diseases Support Hospital in Odessa during a pandemic caused by COVID-19”
    About project: Supplying critical medical equipment for Odessa Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital and once in 3 days provide food packages to the lowest-paid medical workers (paramedics, nurses and reception staff).
  • Grantee: Center for Reforms, Democracy and Law
    Project: Public support of primary medical institutions in Zaporizhia
    About project: Center for Reforms, Democracy and Law is aims at providing primary legal and psychological aid to the doctors and paramedics of Zaporizhzhia.
  • Grantee: Ukrainian Association of Adult Education
    Project: “Difficult times – new opportunities”
    About project: The project aims at developing a program that teaches how to defend personal social rights, find a job and succeed with self-education for professional retraining for people from small towns who became unemployed due to the Covid-19. 
  • Grantee: Ukrainian Charitable Organization “Down Syndrome” 
    Project: Emergency care for families raising children with Down syndrome
    About project: NGO provides experts to help families who raise children with Down syndrome to continue their specialized training remotely, as well as provide food support for families in need.
  • Grantee: Ukrainian Union of the Disabled
    Project: “Support for children and young people with severe disabilities and their families during quarantine”
    About project: The project involves conducting correctional and developmental, group and individual classes online for children and providing psychological support to their parents.
  • Grantee: Palliative care fund “LaVita”
    Project: “Psychological support for families with  ill children”
    About project: Palliative care fund “LaVita” offer direct psychological support for parents of seriously ill children: general webinars, group psychotherapy and private consultations with psychotherapists.
  • Grantee: NGO “Family”
    Project: “Support for adults and families raising children with disabilities in quarantine”
    About project: The project involves business, social workers and relevant professionals to help adults and children with disabilities by providing them psychological and humanitarian aid by families requests.
  • Grantee: “Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors” 
    Project: Protection of personal data in video surveillance systems
    About project: The project develops standards for the collection, use and protection of personal data, in particular through public security video surveillance systems, and lobby for their adoption at the law enforcement level.
  • Grantee: NGO “Stormy Life”
    Project: “Uninsulated. Life on the street during covid19”
    About project: The project is aimed to shoot and promote a short film about life of the homeless people in Kyiv during COVID-19, which later will be used by activists to raise funds to purchase food kits for homeless.
  • Grantee: NGO “InScience”
    Project: ‘Scientific Method’ Platform
    About project: Create a platform in partnership with journalists and scientists. It will be used to counterfeit fakes about Covid-19 and created open base of scientists who can be asked for comments on relevant topics.
  • Grantee: NGO “Charity tuner”
    Project: Monitoring the efficiency of spending from targeted financial support to healthcare facilities
    About project: “Charity tuner” aims at monitoring the efficiency of spending from targeted financial support to healthcare facilities in Ukraine. Implement the register to store and trace spending information in order to increase  publicity and accessibility.
  • Grantee: Maidan Monitoring Information Center
    Project: “Orbital: the unifying science”
    About project: Transforming current lecture hall ‘Free university Maidan Monitoring’ to independent sci-hub for scientists and experts where they can share knowledge and spread scientifically proven information (including COVID-19).

Wave 8

  • Grantee: Slavutych Central District Hospital
    Project: “Stay strong”
    About project: Supporting for basic needs (purchasing of means of protection and pulse oximeters) and 3-day training on combating burnout for Slavutych Central District Hospital.
  • Grantee: Voznesensk Community Foundation
    Project: “Telemedicine to improve the quality of healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic”
    About project: The project aims at carrying out remote diagnostics of patients and establishing an exchange of information between doctors in Voznesensk.
  • Grantee: Odessa regional organization “Healthy Society”
    Project: Psychological support of junior medical staff
    About project: Odessa regional organization “Healthy Society” is launching trainings and psychological help for junior medical stuff of local psychiatric hospital in order to teach them interact with patients and prevent from burnout.
  • Grantee: Association of Parents of Premature Babies “Early Birds”
    Project: Prevention of burnout syndrome in medical staff of neonatal departments
    About project: Association of Parents of Premature Babies “Early Birds” conducts burnout prevention trainings for medical stuff who work with premature babies in 4 hospitals in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Chernivtsi. Materials with the latest research on “COVID-19 and premature babies” will also be translated and disseminated.
  • Grantee: NGO “Our happy life”
    Project: deadly silence and COVID-19
    About project: Activists from Zaporizhzhia youth organization of the deaf “Our happy life” organize educational and practical video-trainings about life of people with hearing impairments during the pandemic. The videos will involve variety of specialists and have sign language translation and subtitles.
  • Grantee: Association of wives and mothers of ATO-veterans
    Project: “Mutual assistance groups: stronger together!”
    About project: “Mutual assistance groups: stronger together!” – hold 2 online seminars for 20 leader women 60+ from families of participants of Russian-Ukrainian war (ATO). Further they will be able to form 9 groups of self-help.
  • Grantee: NGO “The way of good”
    Project: Mutual assistance for the sake of children
    About project: NGO “The way of good” provides experts of the organisation will conduct group and individual online classes on speech development, articulation and speech therapy for children with disabilities in Uman.
  • Grantee: Charitable organization “CONVICTUS UKRAINE”
    Project: “Stay yourself”
    About project: “Stay yourself” is a project which aims at helping transgender people to get vital medical and psychological help in quarantine.
  • Grantee: Bureau of Social and Political Development
    Project: “Keep the active ‘silver age’ in Kyiv”
    About project: The project aimed to teach more than 700 seniors how to use online services such as paying bills and ordering goods.
  • Grantee: Vynohradiv Roma Foundation
    Project: “Counteracting the spread of coronavirus infection in the Roma settlement of Pidvinohradiv” 
    About project: Сooperation with local authorities to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks in Roma settlements, as well as providing basic food for those who are in the most difficult situations.
  • Grantee: ROKADA Charitable Foundation
    Project: “Support for refugee women and their families”
    About project: The project aims at equipping sewing workroom in Yagotin in order to teach refugees to sew and employ them.
  • Grantee: Pershotravensk City Development Center
    Project: “Healthy world for children”
    About project: The project provides children and service staff of training and rehab center ‘Berehynia’ with protective equipment.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation “Right to Protection”
    Project: “Facebook-based legal advice for victims of the military conflict”
    About project: Experts of organisation will publish legal educational content for 4 months and create chat bot. It will contain legal advice for IDPs and residents of the demarcation line.
  • Grantee: The Lviv Law Society
    Project: “Public monitoring of labor rights under quarantine”
    About project: “The Lviv Law Society” is launching a project “Public monitoring of labor rights under quarantine” to analyse the state of labor rights under quarantine and publish a report about efficiency of government policies aimed at labor protection and support.
  • Grantee: NGO “Kunsht”
    Project: “Outbreak: information that helps survive a pandemic”
    About project: Authors of ‘Kunsht’ will prepare and publish 19 educational multimedia items about COVID-19 on their website (

Wave 9

  • Grantee: Primary Health Care Center of the Pryshib Village Council
    Project: “Infectious safety in the territories of united territorial communities”
    About project: Experts from the Primary Health Care Center of Pryshib Village Council will evaluate the measures taken against COVID-19 and develop instructions for managers, including procurement strategies for protection and disinfection, as well as recommendations for the communication.
  • Grantee: Mother Teresa Charitable Foundation
    Project: Psychological rehabilitation of medical workers
    About project: Mother Teresa Charitable Foundation will provide psychological and spiritual rehabilitation in the Carpathians for medical workers who worked constantly during the pandemic.
  • Grantee: Kropyvnytskyi Central City Hospital
    Project: Purchase of personal protective equipment and a portable defibrillator
    About project: As part of the project, Kropyvnytskyi Central City Hospital will provide their medical staff with personal protective equipment and a portable defibrillator with a synchronization function for the infectious department to improve medical care for seriously ill patients with coronavirus.
  • Grantee: Mohyliv-Podilskyi City Center for Primary Health Care
    Project: Reliable safety at work can save your health and save your life
    About project: Mohyliv-Podilskyi City Center for Primary Health Care will strengthen its material-technical base. In particular, obsolete and defective bactericidal lamps will be replaced with modern ones for safe stay in the premises of the medical institution of employees and patients.
  • Grantee: Kirovohrad Regional NGO of Defenders of the Fatherland “Fighting Brotherhood”
    Project: “Oxygen is life”
    About project: “Oxygen is life” – as a part of the project the public organization of Defenders of the Fatherland “Fighting Brotherhood” will purchase 4 oxygen concentrator devices and 5 compression inhalers for the Kirovohrad Regional Hospital. In particular, a large number of anti-terrorist operation veterans and their families are among the patients with COVID-19 who already need quality medical care there.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation «Kharkiv with You»
    Project: Providing support doctors with PARP safety helmets
    About project: Charitable Foundation «Kharkiv with You» will provide doctors with PARP protective helmets with the support of “Garage Hub – Public Workshop”, which manufactures them and plans to make the documentation publicly available to allow entrepreneurs to make such helmets themselves. This will save several hundred thousand hryvnias, and most importantly – to make PPE highest level to protect medical workers.
  • Grantee: NGO “Roma of Ukraine “TERNIPE”
    Project: Reducing the risk of social exclusion of Roma
    About project: The NGO “Roma of Ukraine “TERNIPE” will create a pilot model of basic socialization and improvement of Roma temporary settlements which can become a road map to increase the level of their inclusion. This will be possible through the joint work of members of the organization, volunteers, precinct, juvenile officers and social workers.
  • Grantee: NGO “Platform of Social Interaction”
    Project: Helping to the Roma community in Tokmak in the conditions of COVID-19
    About project: The project of the organization “Platform of Social Interaction” will be aimed at social inclusion of Roma in the city of Tokmak by developing and implementing approaches to early childhood development, as well as overcoming barriers between the majority and the Roma minority through educational, cultural and educational work.
  • Grantee: Career portal Happy Monday
    Project: Anti-Crisis Career Assistance
    About project: “Anti-Crisis Career Assistance” is a project of the career portal Happy Monday, which will help people who have been laid off due to quarantine, low-income people who are currently unable to find work or additional earnings due to the economic situation in country.
  • Grantee: The Association of Local Self-Government Bodies “Euroregion Carpathians – Ukraine”
    Project: Made in Karpaty
    About project: The Association will help small businesses in the Carpathian region that suffer from the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For this purpose it will be created an Internet commerce tool that will allow businesses to sell their products (in particular, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, wood products, farm products, etc.) without visiting the place of sale by the buyer.

Wave 10

  • Grantee: NGO “Center of Law”
    Project: Doctors save our lives – we protect their rights
    About project: The project of NGO “Center of Law” is aimed at protecting the rights and providing free legal aid to medical workers of Cherkasy region who risk their health while performing their duties in the fight against COVID-19.
  • Grantee: NGO “Harmony of Life”
    Project: Assistance to medical staff “Khodorkovsky psychoneurological boarding school”
    About project: NGO “Harmony of Life” helps medical staff of Khodorkovsky psychoneurological boarding school, where 183 people with disabilities live – in the fight against COVID-19. Many residents of the boarding house are people over 60 who need constant care and close contact with medical staff. Therefore, as part of the project, the organization will provide medical workers with everything they need for living there, help with transportation to hospitals and with the purchase of disinfectants and personal protection.
  • Grantee: The Nova Kakhovka Primary Health Care Center
    Project: Assistance to health care facilities
    About project: The Nova Kakhovka Primary Health Care Center will implement the project “Assistance to Health Care Institutions and Medical Workers”. As part of the project, the organization will purchase PPE; will install kiosks for uninterrupted contactless hand disinfection and temperature measurement; will conduct training activities for medical staff about COVID on the use of new treatment protocols.
  • Grantee: Local Community Development Center
    Project: “You are not alone”
    About project: The public campaign for psychological support of doctors who are working in infectious diseases hospitals of Donetsk region “You are not alone” is a project of the Center for Local Community Development. The Center will organize individual psychological consultations for 280 medical workers, will conduct online training for 140 medical workers on interaction with patients with Covid-19 and other activities.
  • Grantee: Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital “OKHMATDIT”
    Project: Support of the staff of Lviv OKHMATDIT
    About project: Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital “OKHMATDIT” needs the support of the hospital staff, which is defined as a basic for the treatment of coronavirus infection. As part of the project, the hospital will purchase PPE, antiseptics etc. And also – will prevent the signs of a burnout syndrome of medical workers in the form of a quest game in the open air.
  • Grantee: Community Foundation “Podilska Hromada”
    Project: “Strength in a Team”
    About project: “Podilska Hromada” within the project “Strength in a Team” will work to prevent the professional burnout of medical workers of Vinnytsia City Hospital. Therefore, as part of the project, the Foundation will organize a holiday for the hospital staff, as well as hold joint discussions on the vision of the future of the hospital and will help to implement several important ideas for the development of the hospital.
  • Grantee: NGO “Gender Stream”
    Project: Hotline for women
    About project: The Women’s Hotline is a project of the Gender Stream community movement. The aim of the project is to support victims of domestic violence, women over 60, women with disabilities, mothers of children, with special needs, women veterans, women police officers, medical workers. The project includes both the strengthening of the hotline and trainings for women, work on the prevention of domestic violence, psychological support, etc.
  • Grantee: NGO «Rom Art»
    Project: Increasing the level of cohesion of Roma communities in Mukachevo and Uzhhorod districts in the context of the coronavirus epidemic
    About project: The NGO «Rom Art» will work to increase the level of cohesion of Roma communities in Mukachevo and Uzhhorod districts in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. “Rom Art” will organize activities in the settlements to comply with hygiene requirements, «quarantine rules» and how to cooperate with local authorities, especially doctors. The organization will also provide food and hygiene kits to the most needy Roma families.
  • Grantee: All-Ukrainian Association of Persons with Disabilities “Active Rehabilitation Group”
    Project: «Wheels of Aid»
    About project: The organization will help people with injuries or diseases of the spinal cord who move with a wheelchair. The project will set up a coordination headquarters to monitor the situation of people with spinal cord injuries, process their requests and identify needs. As well as assistance in finding opportunities for their self-development (webinars, courses, trainings, etc.).
  • Grantee: Charity organization “SOS Children’s Town”
    Project: Support for vulnerable families with children in Brovary district of Kyiv region
    About project: The charity organization “SOS Children’s Town” will support vulnerable families with children in Brovary district of Kyiv region, where there is an increased risk of domestic violence, including in relation to children. There are people with disabilities, mental health problems and children with developmental disabilities. In particular, the organization will provide social, psychological, pedagogical, material and information services to such families and including monitoring the progress.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation “Blago”  
    Project: Access of young people in prisons to health services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
    About project: Charitable Foundation “Blago” will provide access to young people in prisons to health services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. As some of the convicts are expected to be released, they will then have to travel to home and adapt. Those released do not have COVID security skills, as a result they are at greater risk of infecting themselves and others. That is why the Foundation will conduct online training quests for convicts and online support for persons before release and 3 months after release.
  • Grantee: The Transcarpathian Foundation
    Project: Legal aid as a key tool
    About project: The Transcarpathian Foundation will provide legal aid to citizens in resolving crisis issues, will protect their rights and interests during the Covid-19 pandemic. And also Foundation  will inform the population of Zakarpattia region about the ways, means, and opportunities provided by the state, local authorities, organizations to protect rights in the socio-economic, labor, family, economic spheres of society in terms Covid-19.
  • Grantee: Center of Political and Legal Reforms
    Project: “Activities of the criminal justice system during quarantine: lessons learned”
    About project: The project aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the response of the criminal justice system (police, prosecutors, courts, penitentiary system) to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project plans to prepare a series of thematic publications on the effectiveness of the criminal justice system’s response to these challenges.
  • Grantee: “Together for Ukraine” Charitable Foundation
    Project: “Veteranius”
    About project: The task of the project is to help veterans, volunteers and migrants to learn and gain the first experience in IT. During COVID-19, veterans often lose or cannot find work and need help to gain additional professional qualifications, psychological support, learn to communicate with employees and socialize in a peaceful environment. Job loss most often occurs in the service sector, while gaining knowledge in IT is relevant. During the training, participants will learn web development and English, as well as classes with psychologists.
  • Grantee: Coalition for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
    Project: Be frugal
    About project: Coalition for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities will teach the financial literacy to adults with intellectual disabilities. As people with intellectual disabilities receive state aid on their own bank cards and often lose money due to their own mistakes, the organization will create an online course and involve 50 volunteers who will individually help users of the course.
  • Grantee: NGO “ART DOT”
    Project: “Safe Theater: Laboratory of New Types of Theater Performance during the Pandemic”
    About project: The organization will develop a set of techniques and formats for theaters so that they can safely continue their activities during a pandemic. They will also record the experience gained in the form of methodological material so that it can be used in the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, relevant departments, state and independent theaters.

Wave 11

  • Grantee: Khotyn District Hospital, a non-profit municipal enterprise of the Khotyn District Council
    Project: Let’s protect medical workers together! Together more effective!
    About project: Khotyn District Hospital aims to reduce the incidence of medical workers by 30% by providing proper and safe working conditions for six months. Among the measures: purchase of personal protective equipment, sanitary kits and medical equipment needed to provide emergency care to patients with COVID-19. And also – the organization of study visits.
  • Grantee: DonorUA
    Project: DonorUA AID: Stop coronavirus
    About project: The organization “DonorUA” will create a common transparent platform for hospitals, suppliers, charitable foundations and businesses, which allow uninterrupted provision of personal protective equipment and equipment to medical facilities where coronavirus patients are treated.
  • Grantee: NGO “Harmony of Life”
    Project: Assistance to the medical staff of the municipal institution “Khodorkivsk psychoneurological boarding school” in counteracting COVID-19
    About project: As part of the project, the Zlagoda Zhyttia organization will purchase personal protective equipment and disinfection equipment for the medical staff of the Khodorkovsky Psychoneurological Boarding School.
  • Grantee: Zhydachiv Central District Hospital
    Project: Provision of the personal protective equipment for medical workers of Zhydachiv Central District Hospital
    About project: To save the medical workers, Zhydachiv Central District Hospital will purchase reusable protective suits, masks, hats, gloves, etc.
  • Grantee: Charitable organization “Heart for Children of Ukraine”
    Project: Purchase of a mobile X-ray machine for the diagnosis of patients with severe COVID-19
    About project: The organization “Heart for Children of Ukraine” will purchase a portable X-ray machine IMAX 1010 V for Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital. In addition, initial instruction and training will be provided to medical workers who will use equipment to diagnose emergencies.
  • Grantee: Charity Foundation “Everything is possible”
    Project: Inclusive coworking “Golden Hearts of Transcarpathia”
    About project: Due to quarantine restrictions, people with disabilities have undergone additional isolation, which exacerbates psychological problems. Especially young people with autism have such difficulties. Therefore, the charity fund “Everything is possible” plans to hold classes for young people with disabilities and their relatives. As part of inclusive coworking, 25 art therapy classes will be held for them.
  • Grantee: Nikopol Charitable Foundation “New Life”
    Project: Assistance and support for homeless citizens of the Nikopol city and the Nikopol district in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, their reintegration into society
    About project: The New Life Charitable Foundation provides support to homeless citizens of the city of Nikopol and the Nikopol district in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reintegrates them into society. As part of the project, the Foundation organizes lunches for the homeless and families in crisis, monitors their health (temperature measurement, issuance of personal protective equipment), provides medical and social support, legal and psychological assistance, as well as shelter in the “Houses of Mercy”.
  • Grantee: Radomyshl district public organization “Wave”
    Project: Capacity building of rural women in sustainable decision-making in response to COVID-19
    About project: NGO “Wave” is building the capacity of rural women to make sustainable decisions in response to COVID-19. As part of the project, the organization will support women who develop their own business, involve local women producers in sewing masks and create a long-term platform for combating the coronavirus pandemic in the community with empowering women in decision-making.
  • Grantee: NGO “Ukraine without Torture”
    Project: Observance of the rights of probation clients in the conditions of struggle and overcoming of consequences of the coronavirus epidemic
    About project: The project of the organization “Ukraine without Torture” is aimed at respecting the rights of probation clients in the conditions of struggle and overcoming the consequences of the epidemic. The organization will monitor the application of warnings to probation clients and materials on the placement of convicts in prisons, changes in the conditions of serving sentences, due to their violation of duties due to quarantine restrictions; develop algorithms of actions for probation bodies to assess the causes of violations in quarantine; analyze the budget of the Probation Center; introduce new tools into the work of probation bodies.
  • Grantee: NGO “Icebreaker” and its key project ShaTam Media
    Project: CROWNED
    About project: One of the dangerous consequences of the coronavirus is the stigmatization of those who have become infected or come into contact with them. Therefore, the project “CROWNED” will work to combat the stigmatization of such citizens. The organization will investigate and debunk the main stereotypes, cover in the media the best practices of supporting citizens affected by COVID-19.
  • Grantee: PH Capital
    Project: Online course for social workers on supporting vulnerable populations in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic
    About project: As part of the project, organization “PH Capital” will create an online course for social workers about supporting vulnerable groups in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Wave 12

  • Grantee: Central City Clinical Hospital of Druzhkiv City Council
    Project: “Providing the hospital with PPE and medical equipment”
    About project: The hospital needs PPE (such as masks, respirators, insulating gown, boot covers, gloves, protective shields and goggles, etc.) and certain medical equipment (non-contact body thermometer, mechanical tonometer, glucometer, rapid tests for glucometer, etc.) to fight COVID-19.
  • Grantee: Charitable Organization “Ukrainian Network of People who Use Drugs”
    Project: “Helping doctors is the way to save the patient, as the ultimate goal during a COVID-19 pandemic”
    About project: The project aims to support doctors during their works by creating a safe emotional and psychological environment, for example by organizing self-help groups. It is also planned to purchase PPE, antiseptics and simple medical equipment within the project.
  • Grantee: Chemerovets Village Council
    Projects: “Stop COVID-19”
    About project: Due to the increasing the number of patients with coronavirus, Chemerovets Hospital needs small medical equipment and consumables for admission and treatment of patients, which will be purchased within the project. Also Chemerovets Village Council will organize providing legal assistance for medical stuff.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation of Palliative Care “LaVita”
    Project: “Breathe! Patients are entitled to oxygen”
    About project: It is planned to purchase three oxygen concentrators. Consumables will also be purchased to keep the equipment running for at least a year; and pulse oximeters to monitor the patient’s condition.
  • Grantee: NGO “The Harmony of Life”
    Project: “Assistance to medical workers of rural hospitals in Popilnyanska amalgamated territorial community in counteracting СOVID-19”
    About project: NGO “The Harmony of Life” will provide remedies for protection to rural hospitals of the district to ensure safe working conditions for medical staff.
  • Grantee: NGO “Kyiv City Association “Family of Success”
    Project: “Support and development of self-queerness and resistance of people with mental disabilities in the workplace in the context of the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine”
    About project: Kyiv City Association “Family of Success” will conduct series of trainings which aimed to help people with mental disabilities avoid risk of poverty, social exclusion from work, discrimination and marginalization in future employment. First training will be held in educational institutions for people with mental disabilities for parents of children with mental disabilities about their further employment. Second one – in institutions that train psychologists, in order to create a group of assistants for people with mental disabilities to support during internships and employment. It also provides psychological assistance to people with disabilities, their families and assistants during training and practice within this project.
  • Grantee: NGO “Special children”
    Project: “Informing people who do not use non-verbal speech to communicate about the rules of counteraction to Covid-19”
    About project: During the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, people without the ability to communicate verbally faced with the lack of adapted materials that would allow them to obtain available information on combating COVID and other infectious diseases. Therefore, within the project CO “Special children” will create information posters with graphic symbols of the AAC (alternative and auxiliary (supporting) communications) explaining the rules during COVID-19 pandemic, and five informational videos with prevention rules for people who do not use verbal speech, and recommendation of how provide information about the virus for their relatives and social workers.
  • Grantee: NGO “Foundation “Souspilnist”
    Project: “Mamamia-Pamdemia (pandemic)! Or 12 months of resilience”
    About project: A healthy response to a situation of uncertainty and prolonged stress is the development of resilience – the ability to withstand trials and thrive in the face of adversity or COVID-19, on which the organization will work. Project activities include 3 components: Tell – Involve – Disseminate. The organization will create a magazine “12 months of sustainability” in the form of a series of comics, which will be a visual guide to support yourself and colleagues, and will place them in the leading editions of Ukraine.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation “Kharkiv with you”
    Project: Acoustic UA
    About project: The organization deals with the resocialization of people with visual impairments and musculoskeletal disorders. As part of the project, the “Kharkiv with You” Charitable Foundation will held online training for people with disabilities in order to help them gain new skills of distance communication with the opportunity to get an internship at the “STOP COVID-19” hotline in the Kharkiv region.
  • Grantee: NGO “Center for Society Research”
    Project: “Accountability of law enforcement bodies: audit of state system for collecting security data in Ukraine”
    About project: Within the project, organization will analyze the existing system for collection security and application of measures of police coercion data. As a result, organization will evaluate the current data collection system and develop recommendations for improving it in order to increase accountability of law enforcement bodies
  • Grantee: NGO “Social Initiatives on Occupational Safety and Health”
    Project: “Protection of labor rights during the coronavirus epidemic”
    About project: Project aims at helping Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine in the protection of labor rights. Organization will study typical cases of violation of labor rights and train trade union lawyers how to improve legal assistance and protection of workers’ rights.
  • Grantee: NGO “Center for Children’s Development and Leisure “Kangaroo”
    Project: “I LOVE, AND I KNOW HOW TO LOVE!” – Professional assistance program for families with children who have special needs and disabilities.
    About project: The organization plans to restore the possibility of obtaining professional assistance to children with special needs and disabilities, whose families do not have or lost official stable earnings during the pandemic. Also, Centre plan to conduct training for families (parents and trustees) about approaches of education of such children in order to reduce the level of parental anxiety.
  • Grantee: Inclusive IT (Roman Borenko Digital Inclusion Agency LLC)
    Project: “Inclusive IT – Start 2.0. Rebranding and law”
    About project: The social enterprise will create opportunities to employ new QA engineers with disabilities to work on a new website development.
  • Grantee: NGO Cultural Agency ‘A’
    Project: “The show must go on\off line”
    About project: Project aims at support of institutional activities of the NGO Cultural Agency ‘A’. In particular to ensure sustainable work on the education and cultural projects by mentoring them; create web mailing with tips on reproofing projects in online formats; organize and conduct lectures, networking sessions and coaching for representatives of independent NGOs of social and cultural direction.

Supported projects in Wave 13

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