Supported projects of the “Humanity and Mutual Assistance”. Wave 13

“Humanity and Mutual Assistance” is a joint initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation and the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

The aim of “Humanity and Mutual Assistance” is to support a wide variety of community-based mutual assistance initiatives during the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine.

Wave 13

  • Grantee: Mykolayiv Local Charitable Foundation “Center for Social Programs” (Mykolaiv)
    Project: “Improving the quality of primary health care against COVID-19 in Mykolaiv”
    Thanks to the project, the manipulation room and isolator of the family outpatient clinic in “Primary Health Care Center” in Mykolayiv will be repaired, thus the provision of primary care and testing for COVID-19 will be safe both for patients and doctors. Personal protective equipment and consumables will also be purchased.
  • Grantee: Vynohradiv Village Council (Vynohradiv)
    Project: “Purchase of medical equipment for a modern clinical diagnostic laboratory in the Municipal Institution “Center for Sanitary Care of Vynohradiv Village Council”
    Vynohradiv Village Council will purchase equipment and consumables for clinical laboratory research and diagnosis of COVID-19 at the local Center for Health Care.
  • Grantee: “Buchansk Center of Primary Health Care” of The Buchansk City Council (Bucha)
    Project: “Together against COVID-19: improving the organizational effectiveness of the “Buchansky Center of Primary Health Care” to counter the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic”
    Volunteers and staff of the Buchansky Center for Primary Health Care will conduct a series of trainings and lectures for medical staff of Buchansky United territorial community, which will improve their skills in communicating with patients and prevent emotional burnout. Physicians will also gain knowledge about their rights and telemedicine services. The project will involve volunteers from the NGO “I am – Buchanets”, who will provide additional advice to physicians through the call center.
  • Grantee: Kelmenetsky District Center of Primary Health Care (Kelmentsi)
    Project: “Health above everything! Helping hand to medical workers!”
    During a pandemic, family doctors who visit their patients daily are at greater physical and psychological risk. Therefore, the project will conduct trainings and research on the level of emotional burnout for primary care physicians of the Kelmenetsky District Center of Primary Health Care. Personal protective equipment and consumables will also be purchased.
  • Grantee: Cherkasy City Children’s Hospital (Cherkasy)
    Project: “Improvement of the technical base of the hospital”
    Cherkasy City Children’s Hospital will purchase an oxygen concentrator, which will be used for patients in the anesthesiology and intensive care unit, as well as in the postoperative care wards.
  • Grantee: Charity Foundation “The White Elephant”
    Project: “Purchase of oxygen therapy devices for Chernihiv geriatric boarding house” (Chernihiv)
    Within the project oxygen concentrators and consumables for their operation will be purchased, which will provide more than 400 wards of the Chernihiv geriatric boarding house with the necessary oxygen support in case of a complicated form of COVID-19.
  • Grantee: “Pokrovsky Hospital” of the Pokrovsk Settlement Council” (Pokrovske village)
    Project: “Protection of medical workers from cases of occupational morbidity and mortality, while providing medical care to patients with suspected COVID-19; creation of safe conditions for patients in “Pokrovsk Hospital”
    Despite the fact that Pokrovsk Hospital was not included in the list of supporting medical institutions, doctors and medical staff of the hospital, still, face the risk of COVID-19 as they accept patients with symptoms of coronavirus disease for chest radiography. As part of the funding, the necessary personal protective equipment and disinfectants will be purchased, as well as hazardous waste disposal services to protect the hospital’s medical staff.
  • Grantee: NGO “MoloDiy” (Village Nova Borova)
    Project: “The Chest of Life”
    The ambulance of the “Novoborovsky Center of Primary Health Care” serves the population within three united territorial communities, due to which the distance from the patient to the hospital can be up to 45 km. The organization will purchase portable electrocardiographs for the ambulance, as well as pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators for the primary care center. In this way, patients will receive emergency care and primary diagnosis during transport to the hospital and will have access to oxygen in case of complicated disease.
  • Grantee: Slavutych City Hospital of Slavutych City Council (Slavutych)
    Project: “Purchase of personal protective equipment, antiseptics, consumables and other medical equipment to ensure the treatment of patients with COVID-19”
    Within the project, the hospital will purchase personal protective equipment, which will create the necessary reserve, taking into account the assessment of the expected load.
  • Grantee: Charitable Foundation “Guaranty” (Lviv)
    Project: “Support of The Western Ukrainian Children’s Medical Center during the COVID-19 threat period”
    According to a survey conducted by volunteers of the Charitable Foundation “Zaporuka”, 60% of medical workers at the Western Ukrainian Children’s Medical Center noted a high level of emotional exhaustion. Although the center’s activities are not related to the admission of patients with COVID-19, the risks of the disease among little patients and the level of stress of medical staff are increasing. As part of this project, the organization will conduct a series of psychological consultations for the center’s medical staff and purchase the necessary personal protective equipment and oxygen concentrators.
  • Grantee: NGO “Harmony of Life” (Mykolaiv region)
    Project: “Assistance to medical stuff of psychoneurological boarding hospital in Zhytomyr region to counteract COVID-19”
    Within the project, the organization will purchase personal protective equipment and disinfection equipment for psych-neurological boarding hospitals in four districts of Zhytomyr oblast where 730 people with mental disabilities live. In this way, patients, who need close tactile contact, and staff of boarding hospitals will be protected from the risk of contracting COVID-19.
  • Grantee: NGO “Association of Healthcare Workers of Ukraine “Medical Leaders”
    Project: “Prevention of burnout of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a room for psychological unloading”
    Most Ukrainian hospitals do not have resting rooms for health workers where they can “exhale” and reboot during the shift. Creation of a room of psychological unloading in Voznesensk multidisciplinary hospital will provide such opportunity for more than 100 medical workers. To maintain psychological balance, group psychotherapy sessions and exchange of experiences with employees of other hospitals over a cup of coffee will be held in this new space.
  • Grantee: “Glukhiv City Hospital” of Glukhiv City Council
    Project: “Purchase of personal protective equipment”
    Within the framework of the project, the means of individual protection for Glukhiv city hospital will be purchased, which will create the necessary reserve regarding the expected load.
  • Grantee: Charity Foundation “Boomerang of Kindness” (Svyatogorsk)
    Project: “Good slice”
    Establishment of a confectionery production plant in Svyatogorsk, which employs IDPs from the temporarily occupied territories and people with disabilities, and will produce hot lunches for doctors of local outpatient clinics and people with disabilities. Within the project it is also planned to open a small bakery and provide hot food to all vulnerable groups.
  • Grantee: NGO “City Organization of Persons With Disabilities “Hope” (Kramatorsk)
    Project: “Organization of a sewing workshop for volunteers among persons with disabilities for sewing personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic”
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical masks in Ukraine have become an expensive attribute of everyday life. For people with disabilities and the elderly who are at risk for COVID-19, this is a significant part of their modest budget. Volunteers, including people with disabilities, will sew medical masks and other personal protective equipment (boot covers, gloves, medical gowns), which will be distributed for free to vulnerable groups. The project requires sewing equipment and consumables, as well as training in tailoring and sewing for volunteers.
  • Grantee: NGO “Center for Social Business Development “Initiative” (Zaporizhzhya)
    Project: “Business from home”
    The project envisages the development of materials for online trainings, workshops, case battles and mentoring sessions with business mentors for inclusive youth of Zaorizhzhya, who do not have a stable income due to life circumstances, vulnerability, pandemic and quarantine, but want to start their own business. Thus, the project will help strengthen the economic stability of inclusive youth in encounter with aftermath of the pandemic and their social adaptation through the creation of their own business. In addition, the winners of case battles will receive further support from mentors in the development of their business.
  • Grantee: NGO “Emmaus” (Kharkiv)
    Project: “Social workshop for young people with disabilities “Emmaus”
    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine, the problems that hinder the achievement of the financial capacity of young people with disabilities have become more acute. The aim of the project is to strengthen the self-employment and self-help of young people with disabilities in Kharkiv by mastering the skills of creating artistic products from textiles and accessories (workshops classes), as well as learning for commercial promotion of their own product. It is also planned to involve project participants in the ongoing work on creating products for sale with the opportunity to receive a scholarship from the organization.
  • Grantee: Community of Mutual Assistance “Our House” (Drohobych)
    Project: “Support and development of self-queasiness of the homeless people in the city of Drohobych”
    The aim of the project is not only to provide homeless people with hot food and personal protective equipment needed during a pandemic but also to give them work that will allow them to develop their self-help in the future – repairing and restoring old furniture, harvesting firewood, etc. They will also be able to offer their services for city residents, thanks to which they will earn money and integrate into the city community. To this end, the Mutual Aid Community “Nasha Hata” (“Our House”) will purchase special equipment (electric saw, compressor, lawnmower, etc.), food, and personal protective equipment.
  • Grantee: Charitable Organization “Center for Social Projects “I want to live” (Lviv)
    Project: “Self-help and support of the families of fallen Ukrainian soldiers by creating a social enterprise “Thank you!”
    Establishment of a social enterprise “Thank you!” In Lviv on the production of healthy food, which employs women who lost their husbands and children due to Russian military aggression in eastern Ukraine found themselves at risk due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. The project also provides for professional training of future production workers, development and technical support of an online marketing platform, and free provision of manufactured products to children and single parents of fallen soldiers. The company’s income will be partially directed to the treatment of post-traumatic disorders in orphans of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Grantee: NGO “Nikopol Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation “Open Door” (m.Nikopol)
    Project: «Legal and informational assistance – educational activities for national security services according to respect for human rights, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic»
    The organization will hold training seminars for employees of the Nikopol Police and Municipal Guard to increase knowledge of human rights, as well as develop an information booklet with basic quarantine rules for the city’s population. In addition, public reception and hotline will be set up to provide legal advice in case of violations of public rights related to the quarantine measures. For residents of remote villages in the Nikopol district, mobile legal aid will be provided.
  • Grantee: NGO “Fund of Rural Communities of Dvolychchanshchyna”
    Project: “Center for Human Rights Protection to Counter COVID-19”
    Within the project, the organization will create a “hotline” and an online chat, where lawyers will provide emergency legal assistance to residents of Kharkiv region, as well as assist in drafting lawsuits or applications in case of violations of their rights. All useful legal information will also be disseminated on social networks. A separate part of the project is to initiate fundraising for the needs of physicians and vulnerable groups, as well as the direct purchase of necessities for the elderly.
  • Grantee: NGO “Podilsky Center for Human Rights”
    Project: “Our lives depend on us”
    The project aims to provide legal protection to people, who are fired in a pandemic in the Vinnytsia region, as well as to inform employees of public and private enterprises about their labor rights and increase their financial literacy.
  • Grantee: NGO “Parents for Vaccination”
    Project: “Professional dialogues about vaccination”
    Given the level of distrust in the effectiveness of vaccination in Ukraine, provoked by anti-vax propaganda, the project aims to develop critical thinking on the introduction of vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine. Information and educational activities will be aimed at physicians and parents, which will include the development, publication and dissemination of educational materials (including in social networks); preparation and holding of a workshop for volunteers in order to further disseminate information to the regions of the country; and further monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of this campaign.
  • Grantee: NGO “Center of Civil Representation “Life”
    Project: “Mobilizing efforts of regional public health centers to support and raise public awareness of safe behavior during the COVID-19 epidemic”
    The aim of the project is to raise public awareness of safe behavior during the COVID-19 epidemic by mobilizing the efforts of the Regional Public Health Centers and in the coordination of the National Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and to continue the communication campaign “Quarantine was weakened – the danger of COVID-19 remains.” It is planned to create an animated video and informative materials, which will be made available for free access.
  • Grantee: NGO “Ukrainian Media Initiative”
    Project: “Challenge accepted!”
    Creation of a multimedia project that will talk about the consequences of the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and show positive examples of adaptation to these changes. It is planned to create 15 video portraits – testimonies of those people who in their own way adapted to the new reality (for fear of getting sick reduced social ties and changed lifestyle; lost jobs or housing, lost loved ones; suffer from anxiety, etc.). Each of the characters will talk not only about new challenges but also about how they manage to overcome them. The special project will be published on the website of the online magazine, which is part of the media group The Ukrainians Media.
  • Grantee: VoxUkraine
    Project: “Anti-fake Coronavirus Newspaper 2.0”
    Creation of informative materials, including a series of videos for social networks, with refuting fakes and manipulative news about COVID-19, rules of conduct during a pandemic and vaccination, aimed at the elderly people. For the audience without access to the Internet, info-leaflets will be printed and separate informative columns will be placed in popular among the elderly people newspapers. The project is a continuation of the project supported by the Foundation in April “Anti-fake coronavirus newspaper”.
  • Grantee: NGO “Hromadske Radio”
    Project: “Multimedia as an instrument for deterring and overcoming the consequences of COVID-19 in Kyiv and Donbas”
    Creation of a special column about COVID-19 (66 issues lasting 20-30 minutes) as part of the morning talk show on “Hromadske Radio” (Public Radio), as well as recording these broadcasts in podcast format for placement in free access on the organization’s online resources. This radio heading is aimed at elderly women in Kyiv and Donbas and will contain up-to-date information on the epidemiological situation, medical advice, and advice on behavior in a pandemic from experts and government officials.
  • Grantee: Popular Science Media “Kunst”
    Project: “Outbreak: Information that will help survive the pandemic”
    Preparation of 19 multimedia materials (texts and tests) about COVID-19 and 5 issues of the podcast with information that will raise awareness about the epidemiological situation in the country and refute the widespread fakes, as well as advice on mental balance and disease prevention. The materials will be posted within a special section on the organization’s website. The project is a continuation of the project supported by the Foundation in Junе.
  • Grantee: NGO “Martin-Club” (Dnipro)
    Project: “Mama 1 Bakery – is not the one, but the first one”
    Supporting the production capacity of the social mini-bakery “Mama 1”, which employs women who have suffered from domestic violence and are in difficult life circumstances. Some of the bakery’s employees are women living in the organization’s social hostel. Within the project, “Mama 1” will purchase new production equipment and create more jobs. It is also planned to hold a confectionery master class for employees and the creation of advertising content and a bakery’s website to sell products.
  • Grantee: NGO “Hacklab”
    Project: “Financial assistance for overcoming the coronavirus epidemic in NGO “Hacklab”
    Within the project, the community of “Hacklab” will reorient its activities online, so that the organization can continue their activities aimed at spreading the idea of free technical creativity, communication and knowledge exchange.
  • Grantee: Social enterprise “Inclusive coffee house “Old Town” (Lviv)
    Project: “Support to the work of the social enterprise Inclusive coffee house “Old Town” during the quarantine period”
    The project envisages the development of a social enterprise website and the implementation of a delivery service that will adapt the inclusive cafe “Old Town” to quarantine requirements and preserve the jobs of people with disabilities who work in it. Employees of the cafe will also hold master classes for children with disabilities and vocational training for young people with mental disabilities, which will help them get a job in the restaurant business.
  • Grantee: NGO “Dream Workshop” (Lviv)
    Project: “SMM School for Social Enterprises”
    “Dream Workshop” plans to conduct a 21-day training on social media marketing for employees of Lviv social enterprises. The program will include branding of social networks, the definition of the target audience on the basis of the business model of the social enterprise; creation of content strategy and plan, etc. These skills will strengthen the competitiveness of the city’s social enterprises and help it survive the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.
  • Grantee: Local Kharkiv branch of the initiative “Building Ukraine Together” (Kharkiv)
    Project: “Just Do It” Workshop
    Establishment of social entrepreneurship (workshop-cafe) in Kharkiv, where visitors will also be able to rent tools for repairs. The money earned by the workshop-cafe will be used to help families and single retirees who find themselves in difficult life circumstances due to the economic crisis caused by the effects of the pandemic.
  • Grantee: Educational and Analytical Center of Community Development
    Project: “Pandemic – as a chance to improve the work of small farmers in western Ukraine”
    The aim of the project is to provide small farms and family farms in western Ukraine with knowledge and skills that will help them survive the economic crisis and create a basis for uniting such farms for common development. The organization will conduct relevant trainings and record a video course on the development of small farms in a crisis.

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