The International Renaissance Foundation’s mission is to foster an open, participatory, pluralist society based on democratic values in Ukraine.

Democracy and Good Governance


We help preserve stable democracy in Ukraine and make Ukrainian governance transparent and accountable

Europe and the World


The mission of the program is to support the European integration of Ukraine as a means to introduce effective pro-European reforms in the areas of democratization, human rights, good governance and the rule of law based on the best global practices, as well as to work on increasing aid

Human Rights and Justice


Contribute to holding Russia accountable for war crimes, continuing justice reforms in Ukraine, and protecting the fundamental freedoms of Ukrainians

Social Capital


We build and strengthen communities that are the backbone of an open society, create prerequisites for public dialogue and cohesion based on democratic values

Civic resilience


The program aims to eliminate gaps in the protection of IDPs, war veterans and families of the dead

Environmental Initiative


Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative for Ukraine (EPAIU) is aiming at the civil society organizations development that act in the environmental field – institutionally capable, transparently governed, accountable and publicly recognized, and help improve the quality and inclusiveness of environmental policy making and implementation by means of strengthening inputs from civil society into designing, advocating, implementing and monitoring environmental policies and practices at all levels, and raising public awareness of, and demand for a problem-relevant, more inclusive, rights-based and conflict-sensitive approach to environmental policy and decision-making. The EPAIU has being implemented with a support of Sweden.

European Renaissance initiative


Promoting the inclusive, accountable, ecological and intelligent recovery of Ukraine as a country guided by European values and principles. The project is implemented by the Fund together with the European Union.

Support of think tanks


It seeks to contribute to Ukraine’s transformation into a successful, inclusive and accountable European democracy by creating conditions for independent public policy institutions to grow organizationally, strengthening the voice of independent think tanks in the policy process, making their output relevant for key stakeholder groups in the Ukrainian society, and enabling them to make a stronger impact on policy-making. The theory of change behind theTTDI is to improve the quality and practice of public policy-making in Ukraine by enhancing the role, institutional and policy capacity, credibility, visibility and collaborations of Ukrainian think tanks in the policy process. The outcome objective is improved quality and practice of public policy making in Ukraine that involves civil society participation.

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