Humanity and Mutual Assistance: humanitarian initiative against pandemic


We are ready to support a wide variety of community-based mutual assistance initiatives during the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine.

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After six years of the Maidan and the beginning of the Russian aggression, we have to unite again to counter the external threat. A new challenge is the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this regard, the International Renaissance Foundation renews its humanitarian solidarity initiative that worked in 2014, announcing the first grant competition within this framework.

We are ready to support a wide variety of community-based mutual assistance initiatives during the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine.

It is necessary to provide practical assistance to those who are the most vulnerable to the epidemic in view of the socio-economic situation of particular social groups.

Projects should relate to promoting the prevention of the spread, overcoming and mitigating the effects of the coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine through information, coordination, basic needs, horizontal self-organization of people for mutual assistance.

The average cost of the projects will be UAH 50 000, however we will consider all submitted applications regardless of their scale.

We accept applications on an ongoing basis and process them in order of one to five days (depending on the current number of applications). This means that there are no deadlines and no fixed decision dates.

Possible categories of projects:

1) Direct aid to medical facilities and staff.
Priority for: applications from the regions with the highest number of officially registered COVID-19 cases; applications aimed at supporting health facilities identified by the local Department of Health as basic and reserve during the pandemic.There may also be supported applications for purchase of personal protective equipment for medical workers and supplies, but taking into account the realistic nature of such procurement, according to the requirements approved by the relevant orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the feasibility of such purchase.

2) Psychological aid.
Priority for applications that cover the categories of people who are the most vulnerable and / or have a significant risk of occupational burnout, social frustration, and more.

3) Information and outreach to promote the dissemination of scientifically sound knowledge about the coronavirus pandemic; the development of critical thinking. Priority for applications based on the quality of the content and the ability to reach the audience.

4) Support and self-help of vulnerable groups.
The biggest priority for applications that 1) focused on groups at higher risk of poverty and social exclusion, in particular: Roma, people with disabilities, migrants / refugees, homeless, etc .; 2) focused on one vulnerable group, offering solutions according to their specific status and needs; 3) envisage a more sustainable approach than (one-off) provision of food or medicine, and include elements of education, self-help, community cohesion.

5) Legal aid and human rights protection.
We will support projects that provide assistance in cases of violations of basic human rights.

6) Other.
We accept applications related to manufacture of alternative personal protective equipment (masks, suits, etc.) for use by persons who do not have a confirmed COVID-19 infection. Other activities such as “neighborhood volunteering” may also be supported.

Priority will be given to initiatives that have already started their activity, those that include elements of crowdfunding, volunteering (free labor), attracting a wide range of people, encouraging grassroots civic participation, supporting social entrepreneurship.

As a rule, applications related to the purchase of high-value goods and equipment will not be supported under this grant, as well as public procurement control projects ( on the latter topic you can submit projects to the Democratic Practice Program).

Registered NGOs have an advantage, but we are also ready to consider applications from informal community initiatives and organizations working with religious communities.

We are deliberately simplifying the review and approval process to respond promptly to the challenges of the pandemic.

To submit your application, fill out an online form (be concise but precise in the description).

The project must meet the following criteria:

  • should be rapid response to COVID-19 pandemic challenges;
  • has a clearly defined target group;
  • has clear goals that can be achieved by the proposed actions, with the requested resources and in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, write to or to our Facebook page.

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