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What is EU4USociety project? 

EU4USociety is a joint 4-year project of the Foundation and the European Union. Together, we fund civic initiatives to make Ukrainian civil society ready for today’s new challenges, includes the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, digital transformation, new threats to democracy and human rights, and so on. In addition to financial support, we will help winning organizations in their development by providing them with additional training, networking, mentoring, coaching, and other capacity-building opportunities. Within the project, we have identified six thematic priorities that are part of the Fund’s current strategy.

What are the thematic priorities of the project? 

– response to the COVID-19 pandemic; 
–  strengthening democratic institutions and practices; 
–  stability and sustainability of civil society; 
– digital transformation based on human rights; 
– responding to climate change; 
– public support for integrated border management and cross-border cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. 

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have implemented this priority by providing financial support under the Humanity and Mutual Assistance initiative, which lasted from April to November 2020. This initiative is currently complete, but we continue to work with some organizations and monitor the pandemic to respond to new challenges as needed. So far, we do not plan to launch an initiative in mini-grants format, as we did in 2020, but we do not rule out the possibility of holding a similar call for proposals.

Strengthening democratic institutions and practices. 

The second priority is a rather broad area, including the announcement of calls for proposals to support initiatives for public participation development, including developing public and political education and analysis of public policy, advocacy. Part of this priority is creating an enabling environment for civil society and local democracy, independent media development, and critical thinking. Reforms in the field of justice, strengthening integrity and fighting against corruption, etc., are also crucial in this direction.

Stability and sustainability of civil society. 

This priority’s main task is to enable civil society to be less dependent on donors by seeking support directly from citizens. To this end, we continue to support previously launched initiatives – crowdfunding calls for proposals in media, social entrepreneurship, and cultural industries. These calls provide for the preliminary submission of an application with the project’s concept and the collection of half the amount of funds required for its implementation through public co-financing platforms (Shared Cost, GlobalGiving, etc.). If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, we will double the funds raised! More about the conditions of such calls for proposals – here.

Digital transformation based on human rights. 

This priority includes initiatives aimed at protecting human rights in the context of the development of digital technologies, particularly the protection of personal data. Also part of the direction is the integration of Ukraine into the EU Digital Single Market – the transition from individual national markets to a single pan-European set of rules. This includes equal access to digital goods and services, digital literacy, reducing bureaucracy, and proper conditions for growing the digital economy.

Responding to climate change. 

We want to support public initiatives that offer mechanisms for Ukraine’s involvement in the EU’s New Green Deal. This policy aims to build a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, which provides the transition to new green technologies in the industry, energy, agriculture, transport, and more. Besides, the priority involves local communities’ activities at the local level – responding to local environmental problems, the use of natural resources of communities, and more.

Public support for integrated border management and cross-border cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. 

Under this priority, we will support local communities’ initiatives on the border with the EU and have specific problems related to cross-border crossing (checkpoint across the state border, where customs, border, and other types of control and crossing). Such problems include: 
– the border crossing itself and its impact on local infrastructure and development; 
– establish cooperation with neighboring communities from other EU member states; 
– collaboration with the central government’s various structures, regional government, and international partners. 

What is the overall budget of the EU4USociety project? 

The total project budget is € 4.8 million. EU provides 90% of the budget and the Foundation other 10%. 

How long will the EU4USociety project last? 

The project is designed for four years, from April 2020 to October 2023. 

How are the organizations receiving grant support selected? 

Selection is made through open calls for proposals, announced by the Foundation’s programs on the “Competitions and Grants” page. Competitive projects will be considered by Expert Councils, which include independent experts in a particular field. After careful analysis of the projects and discussion, they decide whether to approve or reject them. This decision is final and not subject to revision. We are not reporting the reasons for granting or not providing financial support as well. 

How many calls will be held under the EU4USociety project? 

The project provides up to 7 calls for proposals per year (at least one call for each thematic priority) and 12 rounds of three crowdfunding calls. 

What do I need to do to apply? 

To take part in any call for proposals within the EU4USociety, you need to download, fill in the application form and all the documents provided by the terms of the announced call. You can submit a project proposal through a personal account in our electronic competitions system, choosing the right one among the offered open calls. If the call provides for a different procedure, it will be stated in the announcement.

Is it possible to send a project proposal by mail to the Foundation representatives or in any other way? 

No, you must submit your project proposals exclusively through the IRF electronic competition system, except where the call for proposals provides for a different procedure. 

Is there any provision for institutional support to organizations under the EU4USociety project? 

Yes, up to 15% of project budget expenditures can be provided for the organization’s capacity development, strengthening communication skills, training, reviewing, monitoring and evaluation, networking with partners, purchasing licensed software, personnel security, etc. If the organization has such a need, it should indicate this in the application form and prescribe the detailed project budget costs. 

Can one organization receive more than one grant? 

Yes, the same organization can receive more than one grant but cannot apply for financial support totaling more than € 60,000 under the 4-year EU4USociety project. 

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