Crowdfunding for the Media, Culture, and Social Entrepreneurship: frequently asked questions

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What is considered a successful crowdfunding campaign? 

Fundraising according to the rules of the platform on which the organization collected the funds. Please note that different platforms have different rules – for example, some allow you to raise only part of the amount, while others – only the full amount. 

Why do the terms of the EU4USociety call for fundraising on open crowdfunding platforms rather than through organizations’ websites or other fundraising tools? 

In addition to supporting quality projects, we also aim to develop a culture of accountability to the crowdfunding community. And this works best on external independent platforms – where information about all benefactors is open, and these platforms themselves are a point of consolidation and cooperation for people who want to support various vital issues. 

Is it possible to start a crowdfunding campaign before receiving a decision on the selection of the application? 

Campaigns should start only after the pre-selection of the application by the fund. It is necessary so that all participants in the EU4USociety calls for proposals are on an equal footing and early planning of budget expenditures within these calls. 

We have already conducted a crowdfunding campaign and raised funds. How should we be? 

The only possibility is to submit a non-competitive project, which the expert council will consider at the next meeting. But the chances of his support are much lower than for bids. 

Why is the fund’s co-financing commitment only valid for six months? From what date does this term count down? 

Six months are counted from the date of receipt of the letter of prior approval of the application. Please note that you must have successfully completed the campaign in these six months and applied to the Foundation for a grant. We do not provide more extended deadlines, as we have to plan the budget expenditures of the EU4USociety competitions on time. 

What will be the amount of support if more funds are raised than indicated in the initial application? 

If so, congratulations – the campaign was successful and has a lot of community trust. But we have to calculate well the budget spending of the 2021 EU4USociety competition. Therefore, co-financing can be provided only within the amount specified in the application and approved by the expert council. 

Can the fund decide on a lower amount of support than indicated in the application? 

Yes, we give a chance for co-financing to many projects, but at the same time, we proceed from the possibilities of the budget of EU4USociety calls for proposals. Experts also assess the feasibility of collecting the claimed amount. 

What is the procedure for co-financing successful crowdfunding campaigns? 

After receiving notification of the selection of your application, you can start fundraising on your chosen crowdfunding platform. At this stage, it is enough to send a message about the start of the campaign with a link to the page with the campaign on the platform to a Foundation representative. 

At the final stage of fundraising or immediately after the end of the crowdfunding campaign, you will need to apply with a standard application form in the “Electronic Competition” system. After supporting this application, we will be able to conclude a grant agreement. 

Who can apply: initiative groups, cultural institutions, libraries, etc.? 

Within the framework of this competition, the foundation provides support only to non-governmental, non-profit public organizations. We do not provide grants to individuals, individuals-entrepreneurs, limited liability companies, etc. Cultural institutions, libraries, and other institutions can apply for a grant, provided that this work meets their statutory objectives and the ability of the project team to perform it well. 

Can an organization that has already won the competition and received funding submit another application? 

Yes. However, when submitting a new application, the organization must have completed the previous crowdfunding campaign. Please also note that within all EU4USociety calls for proposals, the same organization cannot apply for support totaling more than € 60,000. 

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