IRF together with the EU is launching a competition to strengthen the contribution of civil society to the European integration of Ukraine

At the end of this year, EU member states will consider opening negotiations on Ukraine’s accession. Pending a future political decision, both sides are already preparing for the start of these negotiations. In particular, the government of Ukraine and the European Commission are analyzing the state of compliance of Ukrainian legislation with EU law in order to identify discrepancies and gaps that will need to be eliminated in the process of Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

Together with the EU, our Foundation seeks to strengthen the role, capacity, involvement and practical contribution of civil society in the integration of Ukraine with the EU, preparation for negotiations on the accession of Ukraine, dialogue and cooperation with the member states of the Union.

For this purpose, we are announcing the contest “Assisting in the preparation and start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU“, and inviting public organizations, analytical centers, unions, associations, societies and other associations to participate, which:

  • will analyze the state of compliance of national policy, legislation, institutions with EU requirements and the potential impact of Ukraine’s accession on internal EU policies, will develop appropriate recommendations;
  • will be able to provide expert support for the sectoral dialogue/negotiations between Ukraine and the EU;
  • will assist authorities and local self-government in organizing Ukraine’s effective participation in EU programs;
  • disseminate information and best practices among the potential target audience of relevant programs in Ukraine, help Ukrainian applicants;
  • will organize an inclusive public dialogue on Ukraine’s accession to the EU with the participation of Ukrainian and foreign stakeholders, in particular with activists, experts of analytical centers, heads of communities, artists, journalists, influencers, etc.

The full list of possible activities and competition priorities can be found in the competition announcement:

The competition is held within the framework of the “European Renaissance of Ukraine” project, which is carried out by the Fund with the support of the EU.

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