Briefing: “War, Environment and Society”

Are Ukrainians interested in the environment in the wartime? What have media been writing about the environment after the full-scale Russian invasion? And why does the Russian aggression make environmental protection even more relevant than before?

The answers to these and other questions will be provided by experts during the briefing “War, Environment and Society”. Also, the research “The Environment and the War in Ukraine: Media Monitoring of Coverage of the Theme in Mass Media and Search Requests of the Ukrainians” will be presented at the briefing for the first time.

Why is it interesting?

In the first months of the war an extraordinary thing has happened – attention to the environmental issues has not decreased (the way this, for instance, happened during the COVID19 pandemic), but increased. The International Renaissance Foundation has prepared a monitoring report on the media attention to the environmental issues, in particular, how this range of topics is represented in the speeches of the President, what people have been looking for within this theme (Google trend analytics), what the attention of the media to the topics of climate change, radiation threat, water and air pollution, forest fires, etc. is.

Date: June 24, Friday

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Place: Ukraine Media Center, Lviv, 32 Rynok Square (beer theatre “Pravda”)


  • Inna Pidluska, Deputy Executive Director, International Renaissance Foundation;
  • Oles Lisnychuk, leading analyst, “Umberto” Analytical Group, report co-author;
  • Nataliya Andrusevych, Head of the Management Board, Resource and Analytical Centre “Society and Environment”;
  • Nataliya Zaytseva-Chipak, social scientist, Executive Director, “Sotsioinform”.

Moderator: Vasyl Samokhvalov

Registration at the venue. Online broadcast of the event will be available   on the Facebook page of the International Renaissance Foundation or on You-tube channel of Ukraine Media Center.

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