Changing the priorities of the EU4USociety project – moving forward together to victory!

ON THE PICTURE: Row of flagpoles with European Union and Ukraine flags fluttering by wind on blue sky background

In 2020, the International Renaissance Foundation, with EU financial support, launched the EU4USociety project. Its overall goal is to strengthen Ukrainian civil society’s involvement, sustainability, capacity, relevance, and influence in addressing domestic, regional, and global challenges.

Even after the full-scale Russian invasion, these tasks have not lost their relevance, but we have been forced to reconsider our approaches. The European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation have changed their common priorities within the EU4USociety project and redirected all funds to support the sustainability of Ukrainian civil society and work for Ukraine’s victory.

In 2022, financial support under EU4USociety will focus on:

1) Helping Ukrainian civil society to remain safe and able to work while the war continues;

2) Emergency support for NGOs to help their local communities;

3) Information work – support for journalists, countering enemy propaganda, informing about war crimes, and international advocacy.

The Foundation will provide direct financial support and grants to trusted civil society partners working to meet the needs of people in their communities. There are a need for food, medicine, necessities, personal protective equipment, and supplies to provide essential local support, self-defense and solidarity networks.

The Foundation also announced an open grant competition to support volunteer and veteran initiatives, “Hold the line.”

Projects supported under EU4USociety until 24 February 2022 will continue to work to adapt to current needs.

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