Only two presidential candidates sign the declaration of integrity

The document was drafted and sent to all candidates as part of the Integrity of Public Figures campaign

Only two candidates running for President of Ukraine signed the Declaration of Integrity of a Public Figure. The document was drafted and sent to all candidates by the Open Society Foundation as part of the Integrity of Public Figures Campaign supported by the Democratic Practice Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Oleh Tyahnybok agreed with all three points of the declaration, while Olha Bohomolets agreed to only two – having omitting the point about the declaration of individuals and legal entities that financed her campaign. Oleh Tyahnybok also made a commitment on the integrity of Svoboda deputies in the Verkhovna Rada.

Among the candidates for mayor of Kyiv, only Lesya Orobets signed under all points of the declaration. It was also signed by the top five candidates on the Nove Zhyttya party list to Kyiv City Council.

Members of Svoboda were the only government officials who agreed to make public their income and well as the incomes of their deputies working in areas with high risk of corruption, and to review compliance with conflict of interest laws. The initiative on voluntary lustration was signed by Andriy Mokhnyk (Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources), Ihor Shvaika (Minister of Agrarian Policy and Agriculture), Serhiy Rudyk (head of the State Agency for Land Resources) and Iryna Sekh (head of the Lviv Oblast State Administration).

The declaration is open to all politicians and government officials.

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