Results of the “Assisting in the preparation and start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU” сall for proposals

The International Renaissance Foundation announces the results of the «Assisting in the preparation and start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU», which was held within  the “European Renaissance of Ukraine” project.

The call was aimed at strengthening the role, capacity, involvement, and practical contribution of civil society in the integration of Ukraine with the EU, preparation for negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU, dialogue and cooperation with EU member states.

The winners are 18 out of 80 project proposals, the support of which became possible thanks to the cooperation of the Foundation with the European Union within the framework of the project ‘European Renaissance of Ukraine: Civil Society Resilience and Recovery Initiative””.

List of supported projects:

  1. NGO “Centre for Economic Strategy” – project “Analytical support to the Government of Ukraine on the path of economic reforms and EU accession “
  2. NGO “Foundation for Institutional Development” – project “Harmonization of whistleblowing national policy and legislation with EU standards”
  3. NGO “Anti-Corruption Research and Education Centre” – project “Development of key anti-corruption indicators for Ukraine’s European integration”
  4. Information Center “Green Dossier” – project “Green and inclusive agricultural policy – steps towards”
  5. NGO “Ukrainian Capital Markets Association”  – project “Implementation of the EU Capital Markets Regulation (CRD IV, CRR)”
  6. NGO “Ukrainian Marketing Association” – project “Harmonization of the Ukrainian policy in regulations of food marketing with the European practice of protecting the rights of children and teenagers from the influence of unhealthy food advertising”
  7. NGO “Zmist”  – project “Fulfillment of the EU requirements for the implementation of the administration and control system (IACS) in Ukraine”
  8. European Business Association – project “Increasing the level of awareness of Ukrainian manufacturers with EU standards”
  9. NGO “SaveDnipro” - project “Access to environmental data in Ukraine: compliance with EU requirements and war impact”
  10. NGO “Information Center for Human Rights” (ZMINA) – project “Strengthening Ukraine’s Negotiation Position on the Road to EU: Human Rights”
  11. All-Ukrainian association “Right to family”  – project “Accelerating the protection of children’s rights in line with EU recommendations on Ukraine’s European integration”
  12. NGO “Fulcrum UA” (Tochka Opory) – project “Equal rights for LGBT+ people through advocacy for civil partnerships”
  13. NGO “Ukraine Crisis Media Center” – project “Clearing Ukraine’s path to the EU: information dimension”
  14. NGO “Euroatlantic Course» – project “Practical experience of accession negotiations: interviews with negotiators of countries that have become EU members”
  15. NGO “Centre for Society Research” (Cedos) – project “Strengthening the capacity of communities to participate in EU programs”
  16. NGO “Ukrainian Institute for International Politics” – project “Supporting the launch of INTERREG EUROPE and URBACT Program in Ukraine”
  17. NGO  “Ukrainian cluster alliance” – project “Fostering of collaboration between Ukrainian and European clusters in the program Professionals4Urkaine”
  18. NGO “Agency of European innovations” – project “What You Need to Know and Be Able to Succeed in EU Programs”

In the near future, representatives of the “Renaissance” International Foundation will contact each organization regarding details of support and further steps of cooperation.

In 2023, the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF)  launched the EU-funded project ”European Renaissance of Ukraine: Civil Society Resilience and Recovery Initiative”. It aims to improve Ukrainian civil society’s contribution to policy dialogue on Ukraine’s EU integration and post-war recovery.

The International Renaissance Foundation has been a Framework Partner of the European Union in Ukraine since December 2019.

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