Civil Frontline. How does the Foundation work now.

We redirected funds and put everything to work for the victory. Everything will be Ukraine.

Are we working now?

Yes! Today we are in different parts of Ukraine, but we work together 24/7 to help Ukrainian society survive and win.

What are we doing now?

We have redirected all available funds to help Ukraine survive. Today we provide support to volunteer groups and initiatives in 5 areas:

  • Protection of defenders – the most urgent procurement assistance for defenders of Ukraine at the forefront;
  • Humanitarian and medical assistance – emergency care for hospitals, volunteer groups that help the sick and wounded, as well as civilians in difficulty;
  • Documentation and responsibility for international crimes – collection and systematization of evidence of war crimes committed by the Russian Federation and prosecution for these crimes;
  • Information resistance – assistance to journalists, volunteer groups that oppose the enemy’s propaganda, as well as psychological assistance;
  • Assistance to activists – assistance in protecting non-governmental organizations and contributing to the safety of their teams, volunteers, and activists;

How does the Foundation provide support now?

We provide short-term grants and emergency assistance, and most of us also volunteer to support our defenders and war victims.

We work exclusively with verified organizations, initiatives, and activists we know and have worked with before or recommended by reliable partners.

If you already have experience with the Foundation and an urgent need or innovative idea that needs support – contact the manager/employee you worked with before.

We try to work as fast as Ukrainian law allows, but remember that applications also take time to process. However, the Foundation has never worked with such fast procedures.

We are accumulating resources to announce new open calls for proposals. And there will be even more of them after the victory. Follow the announcements.

How will we work next?

We stay in Ukraine and will continue to work systematically to document Russia’s crimes, provide international advocacy, support for civil society, and protect democracy in Ukraine in various ways.

We believe in victory, we believe in the Armed Forces, and, like everyone in Ukraine now, we do everything possible to keep Ukraine a free, independent, and open country in which everyone will feel worthy.

Великий народ великої країни переможе.

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