Humanitarian Solidarity Program Report

The Humanitarian Solidarity Program was launched by Oksana Zabuzhko, Andriy Kurkov, Serhiy Zhadan, and Vasyl Knyazevych

As of April 30, 2014, 234 applications were submitted to the Humanitarian Solidarity Program by injured individuals from various regions of Ukraine. 114 were supported in full; the rest are being processed.

The youngest injured person is 15 years old; the oldest is 70. One person has since died from their injuries.

Initially, the majority of individuals seeking help from the Program suffered closed craniocerebral injuries, gunshot wounds, soft tissue contusions and effects of exposure to the cold. Currently, more patients with respiratory problems caused by tear gas and grenades are applying for support. More than 50 applications involve dental implants; 34 individuals need ophthalmological care. Numerous tympanoplasty surgeries have been performed.    

Аt the launch of the Humanitarian Solidarity Program, it was announced that support would be provided for all civil unrest victims. For this reason, an application submitted by a soldier of the internal troops was considered; he sought rehabilitation for a gunshot wound.   

Some cases of fraud have been prevented. Some applications have been rejected.  

While reviewing several applications, physicians recognized that some of the injuries were old and were not related to the protests.

The Humanitarian Solidarity Program was launched on February 5, 2014 by Oksana Zabuzhko, Andriy Kurkov, Serhiy Zhadan, and Vasyl Knyazevych, who became the Program Supervisory Board. The Program Experts Board, which makes decisions regarding applications, includes various healthcare professionals.

The Program’s operations were made possible due to generous donations by citizens of Ukraine as well as the Embassy of Estonia, Embassy of Canada, Embassy of the United Kingdom, and funds granted by Ukraine Charity foundation and Nova Ukrainska Khvyla (New Ukrainian Wave) NGO, Baltimore, USA.

Humanitarian Solidarity Program
(+380 44) 484 04 87
+380 50 383 0 555

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