Kruk Center to Help Ukrzaliznytsia Train Veterans to Protect Infrastructure with Drones

Ukrzaliznytsia is setting up a unit that will use drones to monitor and protect rail infrastructure. The unit will be staffed by railroad veterans who have been wounded and returned from the front.

This initiative will help ensure the protection of railroad facilities and enable veterans to apply their military experience and skills to civilian work.

The training will be conducted through an online platform for veterans, which is being created by the Kruk UAV Operator Training Center in cooperation with the International Renaissance Foundation.

The Center’s instructors will be retraining veteran railroad workers. They will teach employees how to pilot Krylo and multi-rotor UAVs, as well as engineering training, including drone assembly and maintenance.

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Photo: Kruk UAV Operator Training Center

The UAVs will be used to combat the theft of Ukrzaliznytsia’s property at stations and tracks, record offenses, detect fuel theft from locomotives, inspect infrastructure during martial law, and participate in the investigation of transport accidents.

The first step will be to create a test unit. On its basis, it is planned to create a network that will help ensure the efficiency of the railroad in the future.

Source: Ukrzaliznytsia


This platform is being developed as part of the Kurs project, which we supported and which aims to facilitate the integration of veterans into civilian life, retraining, and obtaining a new specialty based on their experience in the Defense Forces. Kruk sees its platform as a meeting point for veterans and employers.

In general, it will be an online service that offers both training and retraining, as well as job search for veterans who complete these courses.

The retraining course for demobilized veterans with a degree in UAV operator, which will train Ukrzaliznytsia employees, will be the first to appear on this platform. Later, courses for other specialties will be added.

Read more about how the International Renaissance Foundation helps veterans return and adapt to civilian life through employment.

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