Call for proposals “Promoting Ukraine’s participation in the European Green Deal”


The call aims to strengthen the role, voice, and capacity of civil society in promoting the coordination of Ukraine's industrial, energy, transport, agricultural, and other sectoral policies, urban development, and private business initiatives with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

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Europe and the World

At the end of 2019, the European Commission adopted the European Green Deal, a program of EU action centered on an ambitious plan for a transition to a climate-neutral Europe and full decarbonization. The European Green Deal (EGD) covers the following areas: climate change, energy, industrial strategy for the circular economy, sustainable mobility, green agriculture, biodiversity, zero pollution, finance, and EU global leadership. The goals of the EGD have already begun to shape the main trends of environmental, economic, energy, transport, industrial, and agricultural policies not only in the EU but also in the global world.

Ukraine’s intention to join the European Green Deal opens up many opportunities related to the potential of Ukraine’s integration into the European space in specific sectors. However, in the case of its passive position and disregard for European trends, Ukraine may, on the contrary, face additional barriers in its relations with the EU. Thus, for Ukraine, the realization of the goals of the EGD will mean both new directions of development and significant transformational challenges.

Accordingly, this determines the need for: an in-depth analysis of all components of the EGD, monitoring of trends in their practical implementation in the EU, active and systematic involvement of civil society to establish a dialogue between key stakeholders in both Ukraine and the EU, persistent and systematic implementation of obligations under the Agreement on the association, its gradual renewal where necessary, as well as the use of EU-proposed investment opportunities, including within the framework of the new priorities of the Eastern Partnership until 2025.

In 2020, the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), with EU financial support, launched the EU4USociety project. The project is based on building a sustainable democratic policy and culture of public participation.

This call for proposals aims to support civil society in responding to the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change, promoting the formation of responsible national environmental and climate policies, taking into account the priorities of the European Green Deal.
The call aims to strengthen the role, voice, and capacity of civil society in promoting the coordination of Ukraine’s industrial, energy, transport, agricultural, and other sectoral policies, urban development, and private business initiatives with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

Eligible applicants: Nongovernmental organizations, alliances, associations, societies, and other unions registered following Ukrainian legislation as non-profit or charitable organizations.

Projects may include awareness-raising and public advocacy activities, preparation of analytical documents, organization of stakeholder dialogues, public discussions, dissemination of best environmental and climatic practices among business, cities / local communities and other communities/stakeholders, development of cross-sectoral public dialogue aimed at green growth, adaptation to climate change and its mitigation, use of opportunities for cooperation with the EU for innovative development of production, trade, and investment.

Thematical priorities:

  • Expert monitoring and promotion of harmonization of state policy and legislation with EU policy and legislation in the context of the objectives of the EGD and the Association Agreement, in particular regarding monitoring, taxation, and trade in greenhouse gas emissions; transformation of coal regions (“fair transition”); energy efficiency and thermal modernization of buildings; a new system to support the development of renewable energy sources; development of electric transport; waste management; integrated prevention and control of industrial pollution, etc .;
  • Building Ukraine’s capacity to develop green finance and investment instruments, including transparent climate and environmental budgeting, including investment projects, sustainable procurement, mechanisms to stimulate private green investment, development of green lending, green bonds, insurance instruments, etc .;
    Business opportunities for “green growth,” in particular, to expand access to the EU market: “green” hydrogen; organic agriculture; environmental production technologies and best available technologies and management methods; eco-design of products; circularity (reuse and recycling of waste) industry; introduction of climate and ecological innovations; assessment and labeling of chemicals taking into account the requirements of the REACH and CLP regulations, etc .;
  • Dissemination of the experience of zero pollution and climate neutrality of individual cities: implementation of ambitious energy efficiency programs for buildings, modernization of heat supply, use of renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly public and private transport, improvement of air and water quality, reuse, and recycling, etc.
  • Monitoring the dynamics of EGD implementation in the EU, development, and adoption of EU strategies, plans, and legislation, analysis of potential impact for Ukraine, its participation in EGD, and dialogue with the EU.

Before preparing a project proposal, please read the list of projects currently being implemented from the beginning of 2021 within the framework of a preliminary call on this topic.

Requirements for project proposals:

  • The objectives and expected results of the project must correspond to the priorities of the call for proposals;
  • The content of the project proposal should contain a brief preliminary analysis of the problem, which indicates the applicant’s awareness of the project, the positions of authorities and interest groups, the current state of discussion in Ukraine and the EU;
  • The maximum project implementation period is 11 months. The planned start date of project implementation is November 2021.

Criteria for selection of winners:

  • Substantive compliance of the project proposal with the priorities of the call for proposals, awareness of the subject of the project proposal, convincing preliminary analysis of the problem;
  • Logical construction of the project (clear and realistic action plan; level of involvement of partners; the realism of achievement of expected results through the activity offered in the project);
  • Performance (expected practical outputs, the impact of the project on target audiences; availability of objective indicators, monitoring, and evaluation of performance);
  • Organizational and financial capacity of the organization and partner organizations (expertise, previous experience on the project; availability of staff and necessary material resources (premises, equipment, etc.) required for the project; experience of successful project implementation and reporting; availability of other stable sources of funding organizations);
  • Adequacy of the budget, its compliance with the content of the project and the conditions of the call for proposals.

Additional priority will be given to those project proposals that will provide for broad partnerships – involvement in implementing other relevant organizations, development of intersectoral cooperation, participation of foreign partners from EU countries.

Deadline for submission September 22, 2021 14:00 (UTC/GMT +3).

Announcement of results – November 2, 2021  

Minimum grant size – 100 000 UAH

Maximum grant size – 750 000 UAH

Optimal grant size – 500 000-600 000 UAH

Total budget of the call for proposals –  4 000 000 UAH

All of the submission requirements are available in Ukrainian only.

Contact persons:

Olga Kvashuk, Manager of the IRF European Program,

Olena Romanova, Coordinator of the IRF European Program,

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