War veterans will get a new profession – tacmed instructors

A project to train veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war to become first aid and tactical medicine instructors has been launched in Ukraine with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. The new project is being implemented by the PULSE charitable foundation.

“Veterans with combat experience are not a social problem, but an incredibly valuable capital of society, a strategic advantage of Ukraine. No nation over the past 80 years has faced such challenges as ours. No nation has such experience in the use of soldiers, medics, and rescuers. Our project is a step towards making this experience work for the benefit of the veteran, society, and the security of Ukraine,” said PULSE co-founder Fedir Serdyuk.

According to the plan, the project will train at least 30 tactical medicine and first aid instructors from among veterans over the course of the year. This, in turn, guarantees training in the basics of first aid for another 5 thousand people. The best candidates will continue to work within PULSE, while others, after receiving career counseling, will work for other organizations. According to open source data, more than 1 million people are currently serving in the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine.

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