“UKultura”: an innovative educational platform about Ukrainian culture has started work

The project, created by professors of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, is designed to become a modern alternative to textbooks for students and all those who want to learn the culture of Ukraine in a convenient way. The International Renaissance Foundation provided assistance for the launch of the Polish page of the project

“UKultura” is an innovative educational portal aimed at spreading knowledge about Ukrainian culture from professional researchers. The slogan of the project is “With love, without frills and clichés.”

The platform provides free access to video lectures, video interviews and a library. The most diverse aspects of its history and modernity are revealed in fascinating and meaningful lectures and interviews of leading connoisseurs of Ukrainian culture. Lectures on the history of Ukrainian culture posted on the platform are currently the only digital course in Ukraine that meets the general program and requirements of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and can be used as an alternative textbook for higher education institutions.

In video lectures, interviews, articles posted on the platform, leading Ukrainian and foreign archaeologists, economists, historians, cultural experts, artists, critics and many other specialists share their knowledge and experience, turning information into meaning. The website “UKultura” is updated every week and presents new conceptual conversations on various topics about Ukrainian culture.

The “UKultura” project was founded by Larisa Dovga, a professor of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, and the constant consultant and scientific editor of the project is the professor of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, world-renowned historian Nataliya Yakovenko.

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