The “Safe Space” project started working in the Bucha community

Yesterday, the “Safe Space” project was officially launched in the Bucha community, which will focus its work on veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war and their families, wives and children of military personnel, the elderly, children and youth of the community, and people living in rural areas.

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On this occasion, experts presented this and already implemented projects in the Buchi Public Library.

“We aim to create safe communities, useful activities for residents of the Bucha community, and take care of a friendly atmosphere and time spent with benefit,” the organizers of the initiative emphasized.

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The deputy mayor of Bucha, Serhiy Shepetko, said that for the first time the representatives of the organization came to Bucha in April 2022, when there was no electricity or gas, and brought the necessary. On the second visit, generators were delivered.

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“You are with us again, helping our residents,” emphasized Serhii Anatoliyovych. – Now Bucha has everything: art therapy, English courses, IT, social projects for the elderly. Thank you very much.”

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The “Safe Space” project in the city of Bucha works with the support of the “Believe in Yourself” Charitable Foundation in partnership with the Bucha City Council with the participation of the NGO “Institute of Sustainable Community Development”, financed by the International Renaissance Foundation.

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What does “Safe Space” in Bucha do for the residents of the community:

  • organizes art therapy classes for children and adults;
  • conducts English language courses for people over the age of 50 – the project was prepared by the Movni team at the Pidyom youth camp and won a grant;
  • organizes “Pleasant meetings” of teenagers with grandparents – this project was prepared by students of Lyceum No. 5 in the “Pidyom” teenage camp and won a grant;
  • organized IT courses for the elderly “Computer Literacy”;
  • provides psychological support for IDPs, military personnel and their families;
  • conducts trainings for psychologists;
  • organizes leisure activities for families of military personnel and veterans, as well as the civilian population of communities.
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While the adults talked about important topics, in the adjacent hall of the library, young men and women at the master class made anti-stress toys with great pleasure.

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The general partner of the project is the Astarta-Kyiv agro-industrial holding thanks to a grant received from the Program “Support of Civil Society Organizations in Ukraine” funded by the British Embassy Kyiv. The program is implemented by Crown Agents in partnership with International Alert and in cooperation with Crown Agents in Ukraine.

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