Results of the “Human rights, dignity and security in conditions of war” сall for proposals

The International Renaissance Foundation announces the results of the “Human rights, dignity and security in conditions of war”, call for proposals, which lasted from April 5 to 30, 2023, as part of the “European Renaissance of Ukraine” project.

The call was aimed at supporting the activities of civil society organizations that protect fundamental values, freedoms, and human rights, help victims of hostilities, record, document, and archive war events and create conditions for increased security in local communities and in the digital space.

Its goal is to expand the capabilities of civil society organizations to help victims, record information about war crimes, and influence the formation of policies and practices that affect human rights, security, and justice.

The winners were 25 out of 76 project proposals, the support of which became possible thanks to the cooperation of the Foundation with the European Union within the framework of the project “European Renaissance of Ukraine: a civil society initiative for Sustainability and Recovery”.

Facebook announcement can be seen here.

List of supported projects:

  1. NGO “Creative Association “Babylon 13” – project “Creation of documentaries telling the story of Russian war crimes against the medical infrastructure in the south of Ukraine” (Kyiv)
  2. GO “RESKILL,” public name GOV Club – project “Basics of digital security of local self-government bodies in the context of the reconstruction of Ukraine” (Kyiv)
  3. NGO “Ukrainian Legal Consultative Group” – project “Strengthening the capacity of the legal system of Ukraine to protect and restore the rights of victims” (Kyiv)
  4. NGO “Investigation.Info” – project “Supporting “Investigation.Info” in the coverage of crimes of the Russian-Ukrainian war” (Kyiv)
  5. NGO “Minzmin” – the project “Strengthening the capacity of the National Police of Ukraine in analyzing the risks of the impact of technology on digital security” (Kyiv)
  6. NGO “Center of Spatial Technologies” – project “Russian attack on the Mariupol Drama Theater” (Kyiv)
  7. NGO “Association of Public Advisors of Ukraine” – “Safety Advisor” project (Chernivtsi)
  8. GS “Safe Ukraine 2030 Foundation for War, Conflict, Support for Development and Security of Society” (GS “Safe Ukraine 2030 Foundation”) – project “Analysis and evaluation of judicial practice regarding war crimes, collaborationism” (Kyiv)
  9. GO “DATTALION” – “DATTALION 2.0” project (Lviv)
  10. Public union “Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights” – project “Right to privacy under martial law. Proportionality of limitations of this right by the standards of the ECHR” (Kyiv)
  11. NGO “Association of Relatives of Kremlin Political Prisoners” – project “Monitoring and Documentation of War Crimes in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of the Zaporizhzhia Region” (Kyiv)
  12. International charity “Ecology-Law-Human” – project “Improvement of legal instruments for bringing the aggressor to justice for ecocide” (Lviv)
  13. NGO “Institute for the Development of the Regional Press” – project “Protection of human rights and legal support of citizens affected by military actions” (Kyiv)
  14. NGO “Center for Information on Human Rights” – project “Changing approaches to prosecution for collaborative activities in the context of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine” (Kyiv)
  15. NGO “Digital Security Laboratory” – project “Ensuring respect for human rights in the use and regulation of artificial intelligence technologies in Ukraine” (Kyiv)
  16. NGO “Podilskyi Legal League” – project “Protection of rights and safety of socially vulnerable citizens in conditions of war” (Khmelnytskyi)
  17. NGO “Regional Center for Human Rights” – project “Unjustified delay in the repatriation of Ukrainian children: responsibility and countermeasures” (Kyiv)
  18. NGO “Ukraine without Torture” – project “Right to life and safety of the elderly and persons with disabilities in private institutions during martial law” (Kyiv)
  19. NGO “Media Initiative for Human Rights” – project “Protection of the Rights of Prisoners of War: Family Support and Advocacy” (Kyiv)
  20. NGO “Stanislav Dnistryansky Center for Law and Politics” – project “Assessment of the prospects and limits of the use of artificial intelligence technologies in criminal justice of Ukraine and the readiness of the legal environment for this” (Lviv)
  21. NGO “Babel” – project “Cyber hygiene and digital security in conditions of war” (Kyiv)
  22. “Save the World” Charity Fund – project “Documentation and dissemination of information about Russian war crimes committed in Ukraine in 2022-2023” (Kropivnytskyi)
  23. NGO “Nakipilo Center for Practical Education” – project “Media camps for citizen journalists from de-occupied and front-line territories” (Kharkiv)
  24. NGO “Rabbit Hounds” – project “Strengthening OSINT capabilities of Ukrainian investigators of war and other international crimes” (Kyiv)
  25. NGO “Cybersecurity Scientific Association of Ukraine” – project “Digital safety of schoolchildren in cyberspace using the CyberTeens Platform” (Kyiv)

In 2023, the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), with the financial support of the EU, launched the project “European Renaissance of Ukraine: a civil society initiative for Sustainability and Recovery”. This project aims to strengthen the contribution of Ukrainian civil society to the political dialogue regarding EU integration and the restoration of Ukraine.

The International Renaissance Foundation has been a Framework Partner of the European Union in Ukraine since December 2019.

#MovingForwardTogether to victory!

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