Results of the “Amplifying Ukrainian Voices for International Support for Ukraine” сall for proposals

The International Renaissance Foundation announces the results of the «Amplifying Ukrainian Voices for International Support for Ukraine», which was held within the “European Renaissance of Ukraine” project.

The call was aimed at strengthening Ukrainian voices in shaping the agenda of the European discussion on Ukraine to increase international support for Ukraine.

The winners are 11 out of 92 project proposals, the support of which became possible thanks to the cooperation of the Foundation with the European Union within the framework of the project ‘European Renaissance of Ukraine: Civil Society Resilience and Recovery Initiative””.

List of supported projects:

  1. NGO “Ukraine Promotion Office” – project ” Advocacy of European integration of Ukraine in EU countries”
  2. NGO “Zmist” – project “AgroUnity: Ukraine’s path to the EU”
  3. NGO “Ukraine without torture” – project “Amplifying the voices of survivors of  war crimes in detention places on European platforms”
  4. NGO “Transatlantic Dialogue Center” – project “Echoes of Ukraine: Amplifying Voices in Spain”
  5. NGO “UAnimals” – project “Ecocide has no borders! Global impact of war on the environment   
  6. NGO “Center for Urban History of East Central Europe” – project “Re(kn)own: Region(s) from Within. Work of the RUTA Association and the Association´s inaugural conference”
  7. NGO “Ukrainian Media Initiative (The Ukrainians) – project “Ukrainian Hiqh-Quality Journalism — for Western Media”
  8. NGO “Creative Association Babylon 13” – project “Promotion of Ukrainian Cinema at the Munich International Film Festival”
  9. Charitable Foundation “Ukraine-Time for Renaissance” – project “Supporting the participation of the Ivan Franko National Drama Theater in the project “Ukrainian Pavilion at the Avignon Festival with the play “Caligula”
  10. Charitable organization “International charitable fund “SavED”– project “SavED’s advocacy campaign abroad to bolster the restoration of access to education in Ukraine”
  11. Public association of Halytsky district of the city of Lviv “Virmenska 35″ (ucltural strategy Institute” – project “The Ukrainian Cross-Section: digital platform and discussions within European Capitals of Culture 2024 programs (Austria, Estonia)  ”

In the near future, representatives of the “Renaissance” International Foundation will contact each organization regarding details of support and further steps of cooperation.

In 2023, the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF)  launched the EU-funded project ”European Renaissance of Ukraine: Civil Society Resilience and Recovery Initiative”. It aims to improve Ukrainian civil society’s contribution to policy dialogue on Ukraine’s EU integration and post-war recovery.

The International Renaissance Foundation has been a Framework Partner of the European Union in Ukraine since December 2019.

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