Residential building at 16 Universitetska Street restored in Irpin

In Irpin, the restoration of a residential building at 16 Universytetska Street (Dobrorad condominium), which was damaged as a result of Russian aggression, has been completed. This became possible due to the fruitful cooperation of the Irpin City Council, Kyiv Regional Military Administration, international and charitable foundations and residents of the building. This was reported by the First Deputy Mayor of Irpin Andriy Kravchuk.

“The war has treated this residential building cruelly: 5 shells hit the building, causing a fire that destroyed the roof, the top floor with 11 apartments, an apartment on the ground floor, as well as 80% of the facade and 70% of the windows. Communications were also damaged. The total cost of restoration, excluding repairs in the apartments, amounted to UAH 15 million. Thanks to our unity and joint efforts, we managed to return people to their homes. The residents raised part of the funds for the reconstruction of the house on their own, UAH 750 thousand was allocated by the International Renaissance Foundation, UAH 6 million was raised under the “Renovate HOME” program from the Energy Efficiency Fund, and UAH 3.8 million was provided by Leroy Merlin Solidarity,” said Andriy Kravchuk.

The first deputy mayor said that Leroy Merlin Solidarity provided construction materials for the restoration of the top floor, insulation and facade decoration. The foundation also financed works and materials for the installation of lighting in common areas, the adjacent territory and the restoration of communications. The Irpin City Council also contributed to the restoration by providing materials for the reconstruction of the building. The Kyiv Regional Military Administration provided metal tiles to restore the roof of the house.

“I am grateful to everyone who contributed to this project and returned homes to our residents. I thank the residents for their patience, understanding and cooperation. This is truly a team effort, and I am proud that together we were able to overcome all the difficulties and achieve the desired result,” said Andriy Kravchuk, First Deputy Mayor of Irpin.

Source: Mistoinform

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