Prometheus online training on household waste: registration launched

What do you know about waste? Do you think about what happens with an empty water bottle after you through it into a garbage bin? Where does it go to? Is it possible to recycle it? Humans produce tons of waste throughout their lives, and rarely think about what happens with it next. Landfills as the ‘only possible’ way of organized waste management are still used in Ukraine, although this method has become obsolete. Like in Soviet times, 94% of all household waste is transported to mostly full and out-of-date landfills, while waste sorting in the country is existent only in the form of seldom initiatives, and the level of waste processing is less than 5%! It is time for a change: a clean environment is not just a place, where there is no waste; the clean environment is where people know how to collect, process and transform waste. Waste, like an air, water and personal well-being, is a common concern. This training is designed to help you make our daily life better, a life where people know how to handle waste!

You will find out what to do with the following types of wastes:

  1. Solid household waste;
  2. Hazardous waste (a waste containing mercury; an electronic and electrical waste; used batteries);
  3. Organic waste. Organic waste composting methods;
  4. Packaging waste and its use as secondary raw materials. Basics of wastes sorting and a circular economy.

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