The results of the second wave in the “Hold the line” call for proposals

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The International Renaissance Foundation announces the results of the second final wave of the “Hold the line” contest.

The competition aims to help volunteer and veteran associations strengthen and maintain their institutional stability and promote social cohesion, self-organization, mutual assistance, and the restoration of a safe environment in communities.

The winners were ten more project proposals, which became possible thanks to the cooperation of the Foundation with the European Union in the framework of cooperation “EU4USociety”.

  • All-Ukrainian Human Rights Movement “Legal Hundred” NGO
  • Youth organization “Plast – National Scout Organization of Ukraine”
  • Podilska Hromada Charitable Foundation
  • Peace and Charity Charitable Foundation
  • NGO “See with the heart”
  • Social Strategies Charitable Foundation
  • NGO “Help the Front”
  • NGO “All-Ukrainian Association of Donors of Ukraine” (DonorUA)
  • Zaporizhzhia Charitable Foundation Jewish Community Center Mazal Tov
  • NGO “Pure Hearts Movement”

Representatives of the International Renaissance Foundation will contact each organization soon for details on support and further steps in cooperation.

Last month, we already supported eleven projects within the previous wave of the call for proposals. These ten new projects will be an essential contribution to the activities of volunteer and veteran initiatives.

EU4USociety is a joint 4-year project of the International Renaissance Foundation and the European Union, aimed at strengthening the involvement, sustainability, capacity, relevance, and influence of Ukrainian civil society in addressing pressing domestic, regional, and global challenges.

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