Humanitarian solidarity

Charitable Program to Assist Medical Treatment and Re-Habilitation of Victims of Mass Protests

Humanitarian solidarity
Charitable Program to Assist Medical Treatment and Re-Habilitation of Victims of Mass Protests

Serhiy Zhadan

Oksana Zabuzhko

Andriy Kurkov

Vasyl Knyazevych

Mass protests started on November 21, 2013, have shaken Ukraine. In Kyiv and a number of regions, hundreds of protesters, passers-by, journalists, medical specialists and policemen were injured. Most terribly, several people lost their lives.

We do not judge who is right and who is wrong in this provoked conflict that threatens civil peace and the very existence of the Ukrainian state. People and history will make their judgment. Nowadays the most important for us and for entire Ukraine is our solidarity for the sake of ending the bloodshed and providing, first and foremost, medical aid to all victims.

We condemn any violence against the injured and specialists who provided them with medical aid.

We call on all parties to prevent politicizing the provision of medical aid.

We urge to refrain from any actions aimed at preventing medical specialists from practicing their humanitarian mission and performing their professional duties.

To pursue these objectives, we announce the launch of Humanitarian Solidarity, a program that raises charitable donations in order to provide targeted support for treatment and re-habilitation of all victims of the mass protests.

The charitable aid will be provided through self-organized civic initiatives that have given medical aid to victims, through direct donations for treatment to the victims and their relatives, and through NGOs that give medical assistance.

In many cases the medical treatment may be connected with the protection of the victims’ rights of access to medical aid, the charitable program will also support the provision of necessary legal aid on each individual case.

Decisions on the provision of targeted assistance will be made by the Expert board of independent respected doctors and lawyers.

We, members of the Supervisory Board, guarantee the honesty, accountability and maximum efficiency of the use of the funds raised within this initiative.

Organizational, financial and information support for the initiative is provided by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF).

Humanitarian Solidarity welcomes open charitable donations. For international donations, contracts will be made between donors and IRF. Information about donations will be published with the donors’ permission.

For further information please contact us at, (+380 44) 484 04 87, +380 50 383 0 555.

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