The summative conference of the EPAIU Ecoinitiative

Since the EPAIU Program was launched five years ago, Ukraine has seen dramatic changes and challenges.

How has the context has been changing? What are the trends in development of the environmental civil society? How have the attitudes of Ukrainian citizens to environmental issues changed? How has the EPAIU Program contributed to the long-term institutional development of civil society organizations working on environmental issues? What challenges do eco-activists face in today’s realities? What tools do they have to contribute to addressing environmental issues, recovery planning, and European integration processes?

We will discuss these issues and prospects for the development of environmental public activism in Ukraine with participants of EPAIU and IRF partners at the EPAIU summarizing conference on 10th of November, 2023.

The theme of the final conference was “Challenges for the work of environmental organizations in the conditions of war, recovery and European integration”.

During the day, we will summarize the five-year work of the Initiative and talk about the following:

  • Why does the Foundation support environmental public organizations in Ukraine and what have we achieved in this work;
  • What is the role of public organizations and communication platforms regarding the preservation of the environment in the context of European integration and recovery;
  • How environmental organizations work in different regions of Ukraine, what achievements and challenges they identify for themselves;
  • And how developing institutional capacity helps them become stronger and more effective.

During the conference, we will present the results of the study “Environmental problems in the public information space of Ukraine”, conducted by the monitoring agency L.B.I. on behalf of the Initiative.

In addition, we will share the results of the analysis of the level of involvement and the role of Ukrainian civil society institutions in the formation of environmental policy and programs conducted by Svitlana Matus, an expert on environmental policy, and Galina Levina, an expert in the field of environmental law.

Among the speakers of the conference will be Oleksandr Sushko, executive director of the “Renaissance” Foundation and Tetiana Kukharenko, head of the EPAIU Initiative.

Anyone interested in listening to discussions and research presentations can join online. The broadcast in Ukrainian will be available on our Facebook page, and the broadcast in English will be on our YouTube channel.

Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative for Ukraine (EPAIU) is implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) since 2019 with financial support of Sweden. The aim of the initiative is to promote sustainable development of the civil society organizations – institutionally capable, transparently governed, accountable and publicly recognized in the environmental community – which will be able to promote reforms in Ukraine through the introduction of environmental policies and advocacy measures to protect the environment.

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