“Custody Records” system launched in police station and detention centre rebuilt after rocket attack

On Monday, 22 April, the “Custody Records” system was launched in Irpin in the police department No. 2 and temporary detention centre No. 6, which were restored after the shelling.

This is reported by the information portal “My Kyivshchyna”.

The topic of the safety of a person detained by the police concerns everyone: any police officer has the right to temporarily detain you to identify you or check your involvement in an offence – this is part of their job.

Custody Records is being implemented by the police and civil society organisations to create a safe environment for visitors, detainees and police in police stations and temporary detention centres.

Since the beginning of the active phase of the war, the demand for security measures in Ukrainian society has increased significantly – both society and civil society organisations regularly note this. In response to these challenges, the National Police of Ukraine is expanding the work of the Custody Records system, a tool prepared by the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, the International Renaissance Foundation and the National Police of Ukraine to ensure effective police work without possible human rights violations

  • said Mykola Sioma, director of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, an all-Ukrainian charitable organisation.

“The Custody Records system has been implemented across the country for several years and makes it possible, on the one hand, to minimise conflict situations by ensuring that the rights of citizens under police control are respected. And on the other hand, it helps to protect police officers from unfounded accusations

  • said Ruslan Goryachenko, Head of the Main Inspection and Human Rights Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

“Our many years of work on implementing and improving Custody Records in a country at war today allows us to talk not just about the normal resumption of police work, but about the resumption in a format we are not ashamed of. We can talk to any European partners about the fact that we understand what needs to happen, at what point, and what consequences it entails. We have a slightly greater sense of security than before. We have more hope for justice than we had before

  • commented Roman Romanov, Director of the Human Rights and Justice Programme at the International Renaissance Foundation.

Also, all those present had the opportunity to see the new premises of the Irpin police temporary detention centre, where modern video surveillance and security systems are also installed.

The detention centre can accommodate up to 20 detainees at a time. The conditions of detention meet all the requirements of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights in Places of Detention and the Committee against Torture of the Council of Europe.

For reference.

The Custody Records system is a project aimed, on the one hand, at protecting the rights of detainees. And on the other hand, it is aimed at protecting the rights of police officers and protecting them from false accusations by detainees. It is about creating a safe environment in the police unit, ensuring control over the observance of the rights of detainees from the moment of actual detention until they are placed in a detention facility or released from custody.

The electronic detainee accounting system records all actions that take place with detainees from the moment of actual detention until the court imposes a preventive measure and places the person in a pre-trial detention centre or releases the person from custody.

The system has been successfully operating since 2017 and is already in place in 99 police units across Ukraine.

Source: My Kyiv Region

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