Analytics of EPAIU grantees: where to look and how it can be useful

One of the Initiative’s goals was to strengthen the analytical and advocacy capacity of EPAIU grantees. After all, promoting eco-policy development, strategies, and programs becomes more effective when civil society organizations rely on their analytics.

The Initiative offered various formats for grantees to conduct research, analysis, and advocacy activities. During 2020-2023, separate calls for proposals were announced for a cohort of institutional partners to understand the cumulative impact of phenomena such as corruption, discrimination, pandemics, war, etc on the environment.

EPAIU encouraged the development of expert partnerships between environmental organizations and government agencies, communities, academia, socially responsible businesses, and other stakeholders. EPAIU created opportunities for interaction with civil society organizations and expert communities from different fields, including TTDI think tanks and CSOs that help communities with local development strategies.

These activities resulted in about 40 analytical products and advocacy actions, which you can find out more about here:

The materials were created within the framework of the Environmental Policy and Advocacy Initiative for Ukraine (EPAIU), implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation with Sweden’s support.

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