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Infographics: The Role of the Public Prosecutor at the Pre-Trial Stage of the Criminal Proceedings

22 лютого 2018

The study titled “The role of the public prosecutor at the pre-trial stage of criminal proceedings” took place during 2016-2017.

The study was conducted by an initiative research team of the Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation with the support of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Provision.

The initial study design was developed by the Open Society Justice Initiative and adapted by the research team . The methodology was developed by the research team.

The key aim of the study was to conduct comprehensive evaluation of procedural guidance in pre-trial investigation as one of the core functions of public prosecutor’s office . The study included analysis of different aspects of the work of prosecutors – procedural supervisors and the factors that affect their decisions and actions during pre-trial investigation, as well as its individual stages.

Full text of the study.