Grant: № 51751

Legal empowerment and socio-psychological integration of ATO participants and their families at the level of territorial communities


Organization of outbound receptions in places of compact placement of ATO participants; Identification of priority problems of ATO participants and their families at the community level and their group resolution; systematization of information about target programs in communities; Sending requests for the availability and performance of targeted programs; Evaluation and analysis of program effectiveness, development of recommendations for their improvement. In the direction of legal enlightenment, the following measures are planned: establishment of cooperation with local self-government bodies, state authorities, organizations of veterans of war, volunteers; Conducting one-day out-of-field trainings on the basis of territorial communities in different regions of Ukraine (Khmelnytsky, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kherson and Volyn regions); conducting a school for community activists among ATO participants on the ground; Development of road maps for ATO participants with the involvement of the most active of them in the process of development of a road map and distribution of them among the target audience


Human Rights and Justice

Grant budget (UAH):

1 073 475

Phone number:

+38 0382 702-742, +38 0382 720-195


Khmelnytskyi Oblast


Podillya Legal League

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