Grant: № 51955

City in safety: cooperation for the identification and resolution of security issues in Lisichansk


The expediency of the project is that its own police forces are not enough to cope with the root causes of crime. Therefore, the police need synchronized support of the population, public organizations and local authorities. The growth of appeals to law enforcement officers convinces us of positive changes in the consciousness and responsibility of the towns. The emergence of an impossible militia, a belief in law enforcement is an indisputable argument for the timeliness of the project, which will promote community-based policing – “Community Policing” and the implementation of city-coordinated program utilities documents with the National Police. The completion in 2017 and the need for a new city crime prevention program is also proof of the timeliness of the project


Human Rights and Justice

Grant budget (UAH):

366 960

Phone number:

+38 095 196 49 66, +38 050 301 73 74


Luhansk Oblast


Community Foundation «Knowledge and justice»

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