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14 July 2017

Responsibility for European Values. Ukrainian-German Discussion in the Verkhovna Rada

On July 13, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine hosted an expert discussion on historical responsibility “Germany and Ukraine in Europe: responsibility for the past – responsibilities for the future”. The event was organized by the Kyiv Dialogue Project and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Foreign Affairs under support of the International Renaissance Foundation to give impetus to broad German-Ukrainian...

10 July 2017

Annual Report 2016

Annual report of the International Renaissance Foundation for 2016.

19 June 2017

The President's Award to the implementation of the European aspirations of Ukraine

President of Ukraine has awarded the Order "For Merit" of the III Degree to Oleksandr Sushko, Chairman of the Board of the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), Research Director of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Cooperation; Iryna Sushko, Executive Director of NGO "Europe without Barriers"; Aliona Getmanchuk, Director of the Institute of World Policy, for their significant personal contribution to the...

13 June 2017

Sweden is a major donor of Ukrainian reforms: audit of bilateral relations with Ukraine

On June 12, the Institute of World Policy presented the “Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine - Sweden”, its sequent research from the series on bilateral relations of Ukraine with partners. The research was published within the framework of Think Tank Development Initiative implemented by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) in partnership with the Think Tank Fund (TTF) with the financial support of the...

07 June 2017

Think Tank Development Initiative for Ukraine

The International Renaissance Foundation, in partnership with the Think Tank Fund of the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE), launched the Think Tank Development Initiative for Ukraine (TTDI) with financial support of the Embassy of Sweden to Ukraine. TTDI was designed for the period of 2014-2017.

26 May 2017

IRF at the Arsenal Book Festival: the Roma Program

For the first time at the Arsenal Book Festival the Roma program was presented. During four days, from May 17 to May 20, the International Book Festival hosted events introducing the Roma culture: literature, theater, documentary films, science and education.

24 May 2017

Adaptation of ATO veterans to be addressed by NGOs and volunteers

Recently Dnipro hosted a round table on the topic of social adaptation of the ATO veterans involving 12 organizations that would be dealing with the development of sustainable models of adaptation under support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

23 May 2017

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement: what’s new in energy and environment?

On May 23 in Brussels the discussion will build upon the findings of the annual monitoring report: "Ukraine and Association Agreement: how to prevent a storm?" which tracks the progress of energy and environmental reforms in Ukraine in line with the Association Agreement and commitments to the Energy Community. During the event the discussion will focus on the following questions: • What is the current state...

02 May 2017

Film to commemorate the Odessa tragedy: 2 May 2014

On the eve of the third anniversary of the Odessa tragedy tens of thousands of people in Europe saw a film on May 2 events. Today, on May 2, at 19:30 it will be shown again on the TV channel “UA: First”.

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