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Online Course: Modern Project Management is the Art of Breaking the Rules

07 April 2017

Online Course: Modern Project Management Is the Art of Breaking the Rules is launched within partnership between the International Renaissance Foundation with its Think Tanks Developing Initiative and the Think Tanks Fund (TTF), funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine

Sergiy Gvozdiov’s author program is dedicated to effective project management.

This course aims to break down stereotypical approach to planning and design. Flexible formulation of the project’s problem during the idea stage is an appropriate and justified step. "Iron Triangle" of planning is the content and quality, time and cost in modern terms, can sometimes cause damage to the project. The combination of planning and response to variations in the events right at the moment they appear is a key to success in the modern professional’s work.

Expert opinions of domestic and foreign practitioners-managers allow to compare two key nowadays approaches like CCPM (critical chain project method) and SCRUM, and identify in details the cases in which each of them is being appropriately used.

In this program, we are not going to work out a project planning process in details, but will go through the answers to the key questions of planning, considering typical mistakes.

The course will allow students to understand the origins of the problems of project management, including passiveness in work, lack of motivation, conflicts in the team, injuries, quality loss, wasted resources, cost overruns, rising deadlines, putting on the "fire". In fact, these are effects of the underlying phenomena:

lack of understanding of the meaning of the project;

uncertain context of the project realization;

overloaded project manager with the hardest work to do in the project;

panic due to the unplanned events;

unclear prioritization of projects;

setting the duration of activities on the basis of lessons learned;

concealing negative events because of fear;

radical employees’ overload with activities on various projects in addition to daily operational tasks.

Our goal is to learn how to overcome these problems.

For more information about the course and registration follow the link.

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