International Renaissance Foundation is looking for an IHRD Policy Officer in Ukraine

International Renaissance Foundation is looking for an IHRD Policy Officer in Ukraine

The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) is an integral part of the International Soros network comprising national and regional foundations in more than thirty countries around the world, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. IRF is Ukraine’s largest charity organization. It sees its main objective in providing financial and organizational assistance to the development of an open and democratic society in Ukraine by supporting essential civic initiatives in this area.

The International Harm Reduction Development program (IHRD) focuses on responding to increasing rates of drug use and HIV infection in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. IHRD’s primary mission is to diminish the individual and social harms associated with drug use—particularly the risk of HIV infection—through innovative measures based on the philosophy of harm reduction. This approach places an emphasis on human rights, common sense, and public health.

Overall responsibility:

In close collaboration with IHRD, Harm Reduction Program IRF-Kiev and All Ukrainian Harm Reduction Association (UNRA) to work on development and implementation of the overall policy and advocacy strategy in Ukraine.

Specific tasks:

  • development and implementation of policy and advocacy projects, and development of overall policy initiative strategy IHRD for Ukraine
  • in collaboration with the UHRA and IRF to work on linking various professional networks, association and public interest groups e.g. human rights organizations, PLWA, self-help IDU groups and Harm reduction service delivery project.
  • to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the advocacy activities of IHRD and IRF grantees
  • in collaboration with the IHRD and the Legal Initiative project to work on advocacy for changing existing drug policy and priorities
  • oversee and coordinate mass media activities of IRF and UHRA, including mass media training for harm reduction projects and IDU-groups
  • review and administration of policy and advocacy related grants, review proposals, recommendations for funding and preparation of necessary documentation
  • preparation of analytical/conceptual papers, working with consultants, technical advisors and developing workshops, meetings and conferences on harm reduction policy
  • present harm reduction policy and advocacy initiative at the international, regional and national meetings and conferences (including GFATM and WB Bank meetings)

 Program support and administrations:

  • assistance with development and writing of funding proposals and other fundraising efforts
  • assistance with preparation and monitoring of harm reduction policy initiative and administrative budgets
  • support for organisation, content and logistics for policy/advocacy related trainings, conferences and meetings
  • supports IRF and UHRA and program staff with special projects, as directed by IHRD country program officer


Team member of IHRD, IRF and UHRA.

Reporting to IHRD country program officer (IHRD-NY).


  • Fluent English;
  • Working experience in social programs for not less than 2 years;
  • Good communication skills.

Please send your CV to Olena Kucheruk: till February 28, 2005.

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