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Roma Program

The goal of the program

is to support NGOs and activists in involving representatives of the Roma community in social processes and combating discrimination

The goal of the program

Advocacy and support of effective state policy on Roma

Monitoring the implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan on the protection and integration into Ukrainian society of the Roman minority, developing recommendations on their implementation.

Advocacy of Ukraine joining the Decade of Roma Inclusion international initiative.

Legal protection for Roma

Timely and professional free legal aid for representatives of the Roma community.

Countering xenophobia and discrimination of Roma.

Supporting efforts by NGOs to simplify the process of obtaining identification documents.

Youth leadership

Involving Roma youth in decision-making and the formulation of state policy on Roman by developing a platform of youth human rights activists for Roman Education Fund scholarship recipients.

Organizing schools on youth leadership and human rights, internships with leading think tanks and human rights organizations in Ukraine.

Roma Education Fund scholarships

Coordinating Roma Education Fund scholarships for Roma to study in higher educational institutions in Ukraine.

Roma health and social mediators

Improving Roma access to guaranteed public healthcare, promoting positive (non-discriminatory) treatment at healthcare facilities.

Assisting with registration for identification documents and certificates, providing advice on other important issues.

Promoting the model of Roma health mediators on the state and regional levels.


Viola Popenko

Roma Education Fund Scholarship Program Coordinator


(+380 44) 461 95 00