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22 February 2018

Community based mental health support services: do not exist in Ukraine

Recently Ukraine first appeared on the European map, which outlines the location of community based mental health support services within the framework of the study of the situation with psychiatric care in Europe. Ukraine is shown on the map with an explanation: “These services do not exist”.

07 December 2017

New Research Reveals the Real Practice of Prosecutors at the Stage of Pre-Trial Investigation

On October 11, a unique large-scale study of the actual practice of public prosecutors at the stage of pre-trial investigation was released. The study titled "The Role of the Public Prosecutor at the Pre-Trial Stage of the Criminal Proceedings" was conducted through the initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation during 2016-2017 by a group of 18 researchers. They assessed the actual practice of...

19 December 2016


The practice of providing free legal aid to poor people has been always existing. However, the term "clinical legal education" appeared in the early twentieth century in the United States. Its appearance has identified a new trend in the field of legal science.

17 December 2016


For the second year Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation supports the implementation of projects aimed at reforming the police. And not only for structural and organizational changes, and - most importantly - the transformation of their philosophy. In particular, the introduction of the police work’s new principles is focused on the needs of local communities...

30 November 2016


AUCO "Fulcrum" in partnership with the Women's Consortium of Ukraine and the National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation and the Coalition for Combating Discrimination in Ukraine presented Ukrainian Corporate Equality Index 2016.

06 October 2016

New materials on Euromaidan crimes filed to Hague

On October 5, the materials proving the scale and systemic character of crimes against civilians committed during the Euromaidan events were filed to the International Criminal Court. A formal letter to the court in Hague was signed at the press conference by Markiyan Galabala, one of the Heavenly Hundred’s attorneys, and Roman Romanov, Human Rights and Justice Program Initiative Director, the International...

02 March 2016

Preventing torture in Ukraine: the NPM experience

Passengers of the Sharm el-Sheikh flight in Zaporizhzhya airport are surprised when I cut the line at the customs and enter the departure lounge without tickets or any inspection together with two other representatives of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM)

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